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Newlywed and Dead 2016 full movie online free

Young newlywed Kristin begins to doubt her husband Jay's love when his aunt and rival is found murdered. Kristin starts to investigate the death, and Jay's checkered past, only to become his next target. Starring: Shenae Grimes-Beech, Samantha Ferris.


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Release: Jul 02, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Newlywed and Dead full movie review - Another "bad" husband gets his in the end

Oedipal complex run amuk. Turns out, ALL the characters in this movie are "BAD".....We have the bad corrupt Sheriff that helps cover the aunties murder.

We have the bad mothers: The mother of the bad son regularly locked him up in the basement. The mother of the bad wife hates marriage and is against her daughters marriage without knowing the husband. We have the bad assistant that helps his boss with murder. We have the bad auntie that enables her nephew to get away with the murder of his mother and attempted murder of his girlfriend and than is later murdered by her nephew for needlessly destroying his business plans(didn't see that coming did ya? lol). We have the bad wife(the heroine of this bad movie) that gives us the funniest line in the movie. She says, "I'm supposed to be able to trust my husband"........Meanwhile she's conducting a full-scale background investigation, behind his back, on him. lol. The ending was the most predictable, you know, the bad husband gets his comeuppance. Another 2 hours wasted on mindless crap.

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