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Nightmare on Elmo's Street 2015 full movie online free

Puppets live alongside humans peacefully, but suddenly their behavior becomes depraved. Is such criminal activity rare, or is the media blowing things out of proportion, making cops look like sadistic gunslingers and causing people to distrust them, each other, and most of all, puppets. Is the apocalypse coming, or is the fear-mongering just a great way for News programs to get advertising money? Wait – that makes this movie sound like a serious allegory. Change that. This movie has more wtf moments than you can imagine. It’s high brow and low brow at the same time.


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Release: Jun 25, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Nightmare on Elmo's Street full movie review - A strange movement of puppets, rape, and chalky dialogue.

This movie is 2 hours long. You'll understand why that matters once your 5 minutes into it. I gave this film a 4 because of the many boobs and funny puppet on human love scenes, without those parts this movie is a solid 0.5/10.

The camera work is tolerable for like 50% of the time. There were two cool shots both of which were not critical to the story and were probably thrown in afterwards. One was a slow motion of statues in a graveyard while it was snowing. The other one (unfortunately out of focus) was of a little puppy running in slow motion through some snow.

The dialogue suuuuuccccckkkkks. There is a heavy metal-head energy to the characters and general spirit of the film is steeped in metal. But DAT dialogue bro, terrible. I did enjoy the horrible, over the top, offensive lines and ideas of the main guy though. Not because they were clever, but because I knew that someone watching it was probably really offended. I also enjoyed the "Bear's lives matter" part.

I had a very hard time understanding the plot of the movie and not in the way I would if it was 'art-house'. Its just hard to understand. My takeaway was "Puppets or something, and chicks that look like local strippers or musician's girlfriends." All and all, its not porn. But if you're into whacking it to soft-core depictions of puppets on stripper chicks plus grape, this flick is for you.

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