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PALI ROAD is a mysterious and thrilling journey in search for true love between two different worlds. Lily, a young doctor, wakes up from a car accident and discovers she is living a completely different life. Now married to her boyfriend’s rival, Dr. Mitch Kayne, and a mother to a 5-year-old son, she has an established life she remembers nothing about. Everyone around her denies that her boyfriend Neil ever existed. As Lily begins to doubt her own sanity, memories of Neil resurface, causing her to encounter unexplainable incidents. While desperately searching for the truth of her past life, she questions her entire existence; but in the end, she discovers the meaning of true love.


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Release: Apr 29, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Pali Road full movie review - An Intense Psycho Thriller

Recently, I had the pleasure of screening the film "Pali Road". The film is about a woman who dates a young doctor, but after a car accident wakes up to find she is married to his professional rival and has a son.

No one in her life, not even her parents remember the original love of her life, causing her to question her thoughts as well.

Pali Road, written by Doc Pedrolie and Victoria Arch is an intense psycho analysis of the human mind and shows the true power of the heart. The script and storyline are complex without being difficult to follow. A true intelligently written story.

Jonathan Hua Lang Lim directs a beautifully told story with sweeping shots and a serviceable pace. The story moves at a rate that causes the viewer to want to stay with it. He also does wonders in the direction of his actors.

The young woman is played by actress, Michelle Chen (Badges of Fury) who I was unfamiliar with before viewing this title. She serves as a great central character who is going through this psycho analysis. Her acting is top notch as she really conveys the beats and levels of love, fear and doubt as the plot unfolds. Pali Road will be a key vehicle in familiarizing this talented audience with a mass audience. Film fans will recognize the two leading male characters as Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) and Sung Kang (Fast and Furious). Rathbone, who plays the former love interest before the accident does well as the romantic lead. Kang, who plays the new husband and father really reaches a depth that was not seen in the uber popular action franchise he is known for. This movie proves as beneficial for the actors to showcase their talents as they prove beneficial for the film.

I highly recommend any film fans, or fans of its star actors to take the time to view this title. At 92 minutes it is not a marathon to watch as the plot moves swiftly. A really well put together film.

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