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Paradox 2015 full movie online free

After his wife is killed in a hit-and-run accident by a mysterious Hooded Man, Theoretical Physicist Dylan Brandt builds a Quantum Suicide Machine to jump through parallel universes to find another version of his wife. Based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where a man storms of the Gates of Hades to return his wife to the land of the living, Dylan transverses infinite worlds of the Multi-verse to find his wife. But with every jump, Dylan is thwarted by the efforts of the mysterious Hooded Man, until the rules of physics completely break down, threatening to destroy the universe and everything in it.


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Release: Dec 05, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Paradox full movie review - Mind bending and Smart

I really enjoyed this film. It's up there on the philosophical and intellect spectrum so not everyone is going to get it, but if you like films that require a great deal of thinking, it's right up your alley.

It is low budget, but looks way better than most of the low budget films I've seen like Pi and Primer that reminded me of it. I actually watched this several times, because it's the type of film that sticks with you and leaves you thinking about it long after you've seen it the first time. If you are a science fiction lover and enjoy the "thinking man's film", then this film is for you. This is the first movie I've seen about the quantum suicide machine, but I did a great of deal research on it after watching it. I was very impressed at how the film took the subject matter and was able to combine it into a really heart felt love story. Highly recommend checking it out if you can find it!

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