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Paradox 2016 full movie online free

A group of scientists are experimenting with time travel, and they manage to send one of their group ahead in time one hour. But when he comes back, he tells them that they’ll all be dead within the next hour unless they shut the machine down.

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Release: Apr 22, 2016

IMDb: 5.2

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Paradox full movie review - What to type?

I love time travel movies and I have an understanding in how time travel can actually be possible, so this interests me.

This had massive potential- as big as Terminator or my favourite movie Back To The Future.

Now, these are varied by story telling and budget of course and certainly actors.

However there are many points which were mentioned by other viewers and I won't dwell on them here.

NSA plot line had next to no reason to be there and should have been left out.

Asian security guard could have used more lines and purpose.

More scientific theory could have been utilized in the beginning to make it more interesting...a perfect example is in Back To The Future That stupid costume for the killer was just retarded and should have been something much cooler like...well just cooler.

It's hard to write a time travel movie which makes sense...I know. I'm writing one myself - and it gets very very confusing and easy to get off congrats on following through with the plot and the twist.

A bigger budget certainly would have helped this and better set design as well.

There were elements which would have made this film on-par with Back To The Future or The Terminator, but they were overlooked and therefore made this film seem cheap, not only now - but in years to come.

I would love to see this done with more thought put into it in the future - if that is at all possible.

With all the above noted; still overwhelmed at how much thought had to be put in with all the blocking, prep work and more to be able to do what you did.

What I hated was the over abundance of swearing. Swearing consistently shows poor dialogue and character development and brings down the story almost every time.

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