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Passengers 2016 full movie online free

A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.


Quality: CAM [HD on 21 Apr]

Release: Dec 21, 2016

IMDb: 5.7

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Passengers full movie review - "Passengers" Is Diminished By Misguided Attempts of Jon Spaihts

Worthy of the third place among the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood (Black List); nine years ago (2007), "Passengers" sign was just a basic preliminary version predisposi

ng to find a studio to financing its making with $35 million initial cost and possibly starring multi-nominated Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt. Eventually, Sony Pictures got IP rights and fortunately signed Morten Tyldum up in the direction to materialize it with $110 million extraordinary production budget with the fabulous signing of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as leaders of the ambitious project. Today, they present us an already assembled film, aesthetically superb, with unimaginable argumentative potentials and a harmonious chemistry between its main leads, however, its biggest point break is specifically in the screenplay, which diverges tirelessly from that original version established it among the best unrealized projects.

In the adjacent future, mankind is able to emigrate from overpopulated and ruined Earth for leaving and seek for habitable spaces abroad. The starship Avalon is transporting 5,000 passengers and over 200 crew members in a cryogenic sleep for a journey that takes 120 years in order to arrive in Homestead II, the new planet Earth. Although everything seems to indicate that the cyclopean experiment will be satisfactory, the spaceship collides hardly against a meteorite, which stirs up the breakdown of one sleep chamber, Jim Paterson's, our protagonist. Each person in the ship has a unique and substantial occupation around the population of the new colony: doctors, microbiologists, nurses, machinists, law specialists, etc. Jim is a young mechanical engineer, who quickly becomes aware that he has awakened 90 years early the official advent, contemplating ethical and moral dilemmas as intrinsic as outer space where the story runs. After one year of being in a techno-transitory paradise, he finally concludes to awaken to one traveler and keeping in mind that it would practically be to immolate her, male protagonist's elections are deeply objectionable. The sudden new member of the spaceship is named Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), a writer from New York who aims to write a book about her personal experience in the new world and return to the planet Earth with the most amazing story. Nevertheless, failure accumulation of the huge ship and different narrative confidences push them to the edge of space, literally.

The cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto is incredibly absorbent, it's imposing accompanied by dazzling production design, where prevails snowy and dreary tones which divinely adapt to prelude in order to connect with main character's isolation. As it progresses, induced the arrival of the new human being attracts slightly more grace with immaculate pools, high-quality restaurants and a journey as cynical as captivating around the selfsame outer space. Moreover, visual effects are at the height of many Hollywood products, it's equivalent and even superior to some of the most outstanding sci-fi works in recent times. Some twists in the script allow for acclaiming it spectacularly, such as the scenes of gravity loss, the final stretch or external shots of the Avalon flowing by the great Milky Way, wonderful. The key new technologies for the development of the story are visually provocative and somewhat so realistic that make us aspire one gold class breakfast through our bracelet.

The film's cardinal mission is spectators must put oneself in Jim's shoes, it suggests them convoluted dilemmas of the character and deleterious corollaries drive by the silence demon. Chris Patt's charisma in the first few minutes as survivor into a technological spaceship is enough to keep it afloat, he wanders naked with a? superfluously?long beard, formulating himself moral matters such as suicide, a death foretold and unbearable solitude. Although many people didn't realize, The decision of Jim must be worthy of debate and more worthy must be its subsequent actions. In the middle of the film, when love starts to flow between lovers, Stockholm syndrome is patent and the protagonist can be stealthily described as a harasser. However, this scene is covered with Tyldum's direction, who focused on other banalities.With the arrival of Aurora, the fascinating concepts raised in the first hour of the sci-fi movie take their place at the end of the list, since it opts for conceiving a bland affair, a romance as sporadic as tedious. Go from there, the movie breaks down and loses the land he was harvested beside "Gravity", "Interstellar" or the more recent "Arrival". Although it works excellently as a romantic film, it is the third act which affects decisively its prestige. Its unsatisfactory ending, although we haven't lately seen a drastic end in commercial cinema, it wasn't the most pertinent for concluding this futuristic story which began by clouds and terminated with fewer forces. Even though, it isn't a blunder of the acclaimed director who had to stick to the default settings of the story, story re-written by Jon Spaihts, who deplorably decided to distance from the original ending.

Frustrating, a missed opportunity. For those who attend to a movie theater without having depths and inconsistencies in mind, "Passengers" is the favorite candy for mass audiences. For us who inherently love films and we're as severe as objectives, "Passengers" is an irregular movie, but essentially spoiled. This one is a true sign that the nature of the seventh art is to narrate a story, a tightly structured story, not mere visual beauty. With a first part which puts in manifest our deepest human questions; the exciting and controversial issues are imperceptibly mitigated into a surplus drama-romance and a typical Hollywood final sequence, which could be circumstantially sublime hugging the original one. It makes us think that it's another corporate product, but inside us, we know that Sony dropped a film which be aiming for the top between its hands.

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