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Paternity Leave 2015 full movie online free

Four years into his first stable relationship, a man finds out that he is pregnant with his partner's baby.


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Release: Nov 24, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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Paternity Leave full movie review - Unfunny kinda gross comedy

This was a disappointment. Yes I know Arnold Schwartzneggar had already made a movie about a pregnant man. But this seemed like an opportunity to do an amusing updated version,especially one that might deal with changing gender roles.

In this iteration, a gay male couple finds themselves expecting a baby.

Apparently, there was a mutation in the human species and men can now give birth. That amazing bit of news is told to us in a throw away bit, by a newscaster on TV and the main reaction of one of the protagonists is incredibly- annoyance that he is not the first anymore and no longer "special".

The movie is poorly acted and not funny. Instead of emphasizing the humorous situation of a man confronting the problems that women have faced for millennia, the movie instead is obsessed with the gross details of exactly how the man got pregnant ( anal sex naturally!) and how he gives birth( a good bowel movement , of course). There are other unnecessary gross scenes- the pregnant man has morning sickness and vomits a lot. OK. we see that several times. Got it. Did we need a scene of him vomiting in the face of his partner as they make love? Aside from being visually disgusting and not remotely funny, it is illogical. One when is extremely nauseated, I doubt one feels like making love.

There are some nice performances by the actor playing the doula and the young ex boyfriend But that's about it.

The lead actors are occasionally wooden and mannered. The actresses who play the sister and the doctor are especially amateurish. Sorry. I know it's a low budget movie , shot on location and it's nice to support creative filmmakers trying for something original.. But this one doesn't work as a comedy or a relationship story.

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