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Pearl: The Assassin 2015 full movie online free

Consumed by a horrific event in her past, a woman is driven to violent retribution, and soon discovers that there can be no getting even. Her only ally: a meth-making genius who manipulates her for his own ends while she wages a vigilante campaign against a powerful drug lord and his thug army. A detective, investigating a series of grisly homicides, begins to uncover the truth about her, and the role he himself played in her origins. But can he find her in time to stop the killing, and to save her from herself?


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Release: Jun 09, 2015

IMDb: 9.0

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Pearl: The Assassin full movie review - Classic Revenge Film with a twist

Forget Netflix and Chill, this is Duct Tape and Torture!

The filmmakers have taken the Revenge Film Genre and applied it with a touch of grace to one of the grittiest areas in NJ. As such, Jersey City (an NYC suburb) and it's surroundings serve not only as a setting but also as a character. The lead actor (Patton) does well with her interpretation and portrayal of the "kill and torture everyone in sight" vigilante that everyone from Charles Bronson to Brandon Lee burned into our collective consciousness over the years.

Overall it was well shot, decently acted (with a hat tip to non-traditional casting) and not a bad way to spend part of your evening. Only wish the original poster had been left on the film to prepare you for what it is. I have to guess that it was a distributor's idea to change it for click bait.

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