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Pernicious 2015 full movie online free

It was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime as three young girls spend the summer in Thailand. But their adventure quickly becomes a nightmare when the trio unleashes the spirit of a murdered child with only one thing on her mind - revenge.


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Release: Jun 15, 2015

IMDb: 4.2

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Pernicious full movie review - Clichés head-on with potential

Usually when horror films involve clichés, they turn out bad. But dose that mean all of them that involve said clichés turn out bad? No. "Pernicious" begs to differ with there execution of clichés, and hidden potential not seen.

The plot of the movie was quite intriguing for what it stood for, but the way this film executes the said plot seems to collide; clichés with potential. First off, in the movie you have a load of things you've seen in other horror movie plots. Many horror fans of which see loads of horror movies will realize that when watching this, seeing many elements of which have been seen thousands of times before. But when the movie offers many of it's execution ideas, things seem to be colliding all over the place. Potential kicks in when the movie executes some pleasant little surprises here, and there. The movie manages to give the audience some new, unique plot twists, as well as simple plot situations. Then, as said before, it also mixes in many clichés toward the plot of which we've all seen in many other horror films in the past. Overall, the entire storyline, and plot of this movie collides clichés, and potential. The potential being pleasant, likable, and unique ideas seen in few movies before. The clichés being situations of which the storyline / plot leads too; elements of which we've all seem before, only kicking off to being another part of execution. Just in a different movie.

Clichés only continue, plaguing into the three main characters, as well as some other background characters seen through out this film. The three characters are just three characters we've seen billions of times before, nothing different. Our three characters have, pretty much shown us through out this entire film every single female character cliché in the book, execution little, to nothing different then what we've all already seen before. Some background characters share the same disappointment. Without spoiling anything, these background characters are pretty much like those other background / backup characters you've seen in your typical paranormal film. However, some said characters have some unique offerings, giving the audience some little relief from the constant clichés that has been thrown at us from the previous characters; shedding little light. In the end, some characters were worth it, but audiences have to put up with three some - what annoying clichéd main characters.

Finally, for the entire execution of this film. The execution wasn't bad .. for displaying said clichéd elements above. It's execution, by tying everything together in this film wasn't bad. It has some grip toward what it was doing, while, of course tying in some of the pleasant surprises this film has to offer, from plot twists, to surprise execution, etc. It held a solid grasp through out, keeping that way until the very end, instead of falling apart into a complete mess; Thankfully, the audience don't have to witness a mess; a bullet successfully avoided.

In conclusion. This film wasn't the worst thing in the world, but on the other hand it was close, and almost hit the oncoming bullet toward becoming complete garbage. The movie had some surprises here, and there, some relief of which the audience can enjoy. This film also has some enjoyable, unique elements of which the audience can notice, and happily gain relief. Once again, though, on the other hand this movie tried to pull off some so called "surprises" but fell flat, managing to be highly noticeable. Overall, this film wasn't that bad. It had some decent acting, some small surprises, as well as decent gore, and a solid, yet clichéd storyline. I wouldn't recommend this to those who can't stand clichés seen millions of times before, but for those looking for a small piece of entertainment, here you go.

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