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Poi E: The Story of Our Song 2016 full movie online free

Written and directed by Tearepa Kahi (Mt Zion) and starring Maaka Pohatu (The Modern Maori Quartet, Two Little Boys) the film tells the story of musician Dalvanius Prime and the origin of the song “Poi E”, a ground-breaking fusion of 1980s pop and traditional Māori music. “Poi E”, composed by Dalvanius and Ngoingoi Pēwhairangi and performed by the Patea Māori Club, remains the only song in Te Reo Māori to reach No 1 in the charts, over 30 years since its 1984 release.


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Release: Aug 04, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Poi E: The Story of Our Song full movie review - Well done the Kiwis!

Ever since 1962 I have regarded as Lawrence of Arabia as the greatest film I have ever seen, however after watching a New Zealand film "Poi E" today, I think it has now fallen to second place.

I only hope that it will be released in the U.K as it epitomizes most of the things that makes to me, a "Twenty-five Pound Pom of 1962 vintage " all the things that makes New Zealand the nearest thing to Utopia that I'm ever likely to encounter in this lifetime. New Zealand has always had a reputation of "punching above it's weight" and I am sure that this film re-enforces that belief. I suspect that the statisticians will also come up with the same opinion after the present Olympic games in Rio.

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