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Poltergeist 2015 full movie online free

Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.


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Release: May 20, 2015

IMDb: 5.0

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Poltergeist full movie review - I liked it!

i saw all the negative reviews - some horribly written, and, they all seem to have one thing in common; comparing it Rotherham original.

I'm NOT a Spielberg fan, and I never saw the original.

BUT... saying this, I - like many, MANY others are ALL too familiar with it - esp. such things as Zelda Rubenstein, 'Carol-Ann,' 'They're he-ere,' etc.

I'm also NOT a fan of remakes, reboots, I'm mostly sick of ANY garbage made in/by Hollywood in the past 2-or so decades. They've seemed to literally either run out of original ideas, or have become so afraid of original, they'll only stick with what's been already done.

So, I come to THIS Poltergeist as so,some without any preconceived ideas, notions.

I'm not going to get mad at this director and writer, for not saying/doing exactly what was done in the first.

I come to this as someone who - while they make their filthy lucre from this place, but, definitely not in love with it (not even close).

I love Sam Rockwell. I always find him taking interesting films - rather than always sticking to the (most-likely) hollow-souled project which will most likely make scads of moolah.

I also like Jared Harris. I think he's a quirky guy, and, he does a nice job here - not overblown, not hammy, but, fun... considering.

The rest of the cast, is, honestly - to me - unknowns.

I've never seen any of them before.

What I liked about this film was it took a story so well-known, that, someone such as I - who never seen it - can still find this version refreshing.

The story is very similar to the original - the only differences being the character's names, and the sex of the 'specialist' (Zelda in the original, Jared in this version), and other than these minors changes, the big difference is the imagery.

Back when the original was made, there were always articles about how the 'cool' never- seen-before SFX were done, as this was before CGI.

Here, it's all CGi, and I think the images of the other place, and its inhabitants brought to mind Hieronymous Bosch's phantasmagorical imagery.

Something which is very important to me is the younger actors.

Most kids in films will only make one, perhaps two. Then, the magic of puberty hits, and what was 'cute,' is now oily, and pimply

'Cute' doesn't age well, and I can't stand films which put youngsters in a film simply because they're 'cute.'

They can't act, and it gets tiring VEEY fast - and becomes irritating.

However, I was. Sry pleasantly surprised by the two youngest; the young girl who plays Madison (the 'Carol-Ann' part) is Kennedi (I HATE 'cutesy' spelling) Clements, and her older brother - what they call a 'tween' - Kyle Catlett, plays Griffin, and both of them really owned their scenes, I'm very pleasantly happy to say.

Mr. Catlett- who's age I don't know - appeared to be very close to getting those first few hormones surging through his body.

What I mean, is, they film movies not in order of the story, and on quite a few occasions, Kyle's face was noticeably more mature. No, his voice didn't come close to dropping, and, in some long-shots, he didn't seem very tall, but, boys shoot up in spurts, and, if I'm correct about Kyle, I really hope the acting ability I saw on the screen will see him through the 'terrible teens,,' because this young man definitely has a future.

The rest of the cast are all perfunctory in a good way.

The usual feeling I get from remakes - the feeling of 'we've only made this for money,' wasn't that noticeable.

Again - I saw his from a new perspective - someone familiar with the first, but, who'd never seem it, and it really seemed care was put into making this a good film.

At one point, something happens (don't worry - no spoilers), and it really seemed for a moment,they were setting the stage for a 'Poltergeist 2,' but, I'm happy to say I was wrong about that.

Listen; there's way too. Any terrible films these days - not just remakes, but, remakes are usually much worse than the rest. If you've not seen the original Poltergeist, I hope you find this version as fun as I did, and, if you are someone who's seen the original, I'm sorry you didn't like this, but, perhaps, if you try to not compare the two - and just take this one for a creepy film, I'd hope you like it, as well.

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