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Priceless 2016 full movie online free

James, down on his luck and desperate for some quick cash, agrees to drive a small truck across country. He soon realizes that he's made a huge mistake and has inadvertently become involved in a dangerous human trafficking ring. The unlikely hero risks it all to shut down the trafficking ring and save the woman he is falling in love with.

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Release: Aug 01, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Priceless full movie review - Good idea gone very bad - Boiling with rage!

Warning: topics covered below are of a violent nature & may be triggering.

Synopsis: "widower who loses custody of his daughter" (through violent drunken behaviour & self-absorbed grief) "takes on new job: drive a truck across the country, no questions asked. But when he discovers what he is delivering" (a very attractive young woman (& her little sister)) "he is faced with a life- changing choice."

The two young Mexican sisters enter the US illegally to pay off their father's debts. Expecting to work in waitressing type jobs they actually find out they've been sold to a prostitution ring. What you need to know is that the movie is advertised as Human Trafficking awareness & as a Christian film. Both statements are wrong. Below are just some of the major problems of "Priceless".

1) It's all about... him. Poor him faced with choices, poor him needs to save the day, oh how he suffers, and seemingly thinks there isn't much urgency, (or any authorities in the whole country whatsoever), while the sisters go through hell every extra hour... He also perfectly fits all the stereotypical categories of: young, healthy, good looking, white, male, & American.

2) Women characters are emotionless & passive - even after sequestration, rape, & forced prostitution. "Heroine" even blames male protagonist for not stopping her getting into pimp's van, yet having entered it willingly & knowingly. She sticks up for her teen sister but has no other substance to her character. The helpless damsel in distress.

3) Only his crush is worth his effort saving - several times "hero" tries convincing her to abandon her little sister & is frustrated at her refusal!!? The other women in need of rescue aren't a concern to him...

4) Major suspension of disbelief is a requirement for the viewing of this movie (irresponsible father regains custody of his child same year he punches & threatens someone with gun to their head... in a packed kids' park. Another man is murdered but somehow manages to change will from beyond the grave to leave some land to a yet to be invented association at time of death. Etc..)

5) Women, once "used", then as good as dead - as is eloquently explained to Rapist Pimp: - "You are a murderer. There's no difference between a murderer and someone who steals a girl's innocence and kills her soul." Because apparently to the writers of "Priceless" female rape survivors have no more soul...!! That is unBiblical and harmful.

6) Heroes & villains live by one same law: that violence is the key & fists are the tool.

7) Care about women, do you? Just not enough to employ them though, right? Men are given credit 26 times (!!!) before a single woman's name rolls by!

8) At 1:35:00 finally get movie's message: human trafficking awareness... by promoting its own website, which in turn then promotes various intervention-capable associations & emergency phone numbers, instead of directly in movie storyline or end credits. So what was the point of the movie?!

9) Why would the movie's website recommend ex. sex workers join an addiction recovery program?!

10) Under the website's "Give" section: "One of the best ways to prevent the trafficking and exploitation of children is through eradicating one of the root causes of the issue, poverty". No. That's blaming the victim. N°1 cause of trafficking? Men's greed & lust. Invest in educating male population too!

11) The Representation Test result for this movie? An F.

As a woman, a Christian, and a human being, I am disappointed at the lost opportunity, and shocked, saddened, disgusted at this men- centric vision of life. "Priceless" is a feel- good movie for men, by men, about men.

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