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Valerie Graves, a misanthropic, disillusioned woman in her mid-twenties, is haunted by sadistic urges that she has struggled to repress since childhood.


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Release: Nov 01, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Primordial full movie review - Personally, I loved this film and I'll attempt to explain why.

When I first watched this, it was a rental from Amazon. All I could think at that moment when it was over was just amazed.

Well, another word came to mind actually but I don't know if this website will allow me to say d**n (harmless word but I think it's one of the words that got Amazon to reject my first review).

I recently got reminded that when a movie looks like it would be awesome to go see in a theater, usually it's not, these days that is (at least for my interests). That movie I am thinking of is that newest Star Wars film. Nearly fell asleep a few times through that one but this film, it kept me excited and engaged the whole way through. I am so sick of spending so much money at a theater over these past 10 or so years just to feel I wasted part of my life and money.

Now, this time, I stayed home and rented this movie (for a fraction of the cost of what a movie ticket would be) and find it was well worth the time in my life that I gave up to sit and experience this. I say experience because you don't just see a movie, you get an experience. That's a rare thing to get in films today. Some may like that experience and others, well, it may be just too much to handle (and some may not get it). Me, I loved it.

It's a brutal film but that by itself wouldn't be why I say all this. Murder-Set-Pieces from Nick Palumbo (uncut version) was brutal, extremely so but this, which is not quite as brutal (close enough though), was more intense and more extreme in many ways, IMO. There is much that combines with the brutality shown that just makes this so extreme and one heck of an of an experience. Now of course this doesn't have the big budget and such like many of those big films at the box office but it is still one heck of a film that isn't hurt by that, IMO. Of course there's always this or that which could have been done in any film and more money can help some of those things but it can also make the people lazy and less creative and more dependent on flashy content than substance. This film has heart (even if darkened), soul (even if it's a damned one) and substance with a good dose of creativity.

The characters in the story are real. It's not like the crap (prefer to say s**T, but don't want this review rejected) you get in many movies today for characters and the acting feels genuine, these actors didn't seem like they were acting and you feel as much as you see; feel the intensity as much as you see it.

Much reminded me of people I know/have known and some parts make me think about my own self. The movie does not feel like some made up story with half butted acting (wanted to say half as**d but don't want my review rejected). It's raw & brutal and it dives head first into the depravity of the human psyche of some individuals, which many humans like to pretend does not exist in or around their little world or maybe, even within their own mind.

The experience was like listening to the music of Thy Light (which blew me away to be reminded that music is in it; I had forgotten), you feel what's going on as you go through the experience just as you do with Thy Light's music. BTW, if you are a fan of Thy Light, you must see this film. You hear some in the first half but it's thick with the music in the second half. I wondered in some scenes, was the scene being set to parts of the music or was the music parts being set to the scene. I just loved that aspect of the film. A fan of Thy Light will at the very least appreciate this aspect of the movie.

The women and men in this movie have done an awesome job of creating this for us. Kudos to Eric Widing for making a film like this and going the direction he did with it and not being afraid to give you a dose of reality, that luckily for many, will never get to experience in their own life. You can tell that Eric and the actors and whomever helped them get this made did more than just brainstorm some good ideas to give you a cool movie, they had of went to some intense places within themselves to give you an experience that you will either love or hate. I don't see much middle ground for this movie. You'll get it or you won't, you'll love it or you'll hate it. Even those whom get it, it may be a bit much for them. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out. I'm glad I did.

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