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Proof of the Devil 2015 full movie online free

18-year old Jesse Winters, also know as The Butcher, was put to death in Louisiana for committing 23 grisly murders. There was no doubt that he was killer, the question was why? His mother, Kate, claimed that Jesse was possessed by a demon that drove him to fiendish brutality. Now, for the first time on film, Kate will attempt to prove her theories and clear her son's name by inviting a demon to invade her body. Sit back and prepare to watch the unimaginable. That screaming you hear? It's probably your own.


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Release: Feb 10, 2015

IMDb: 3.3

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Proof of the Devil full movie review - The Butcher of Louisiana.

Lisa Mackel Smith plays Kate Winters, a mother determined to prove that her murderous son was under demonic possession and not, as the authorities believe, suffering any kind of mental disorder.

To do this, she hires a small documentary crew (Stu and Eddie and poor silent Joey) to film her as she submits to voluntary demonic possession herself. After some risible scenes as the spell (by a demon called The Butcher ? identical to the name given to the evil that took hold of Jessie, Kate's son) takes hold, strange (but familiar to horror films), events start to occur. All the food in the house goes bad, relations between the documentary crew, Kate, her nurse and psychiatrist become antagonistic. And yet, apart from becoming more lurid and vulgar, none of the possessions ? and there's more than one - don't progress in a way that ramps up much in the way of tension.

This is a not-so-distant cousin of other found-footage films, especially 'The Last Exorcism (2013)' ? in fact, one character mentions its similarity to 'Paranormal Activity (2010)'. Despite the efforts of the cast, however, it simply isn't frightening. The ending, which piles proclamation after proclamation (often through a voice filter that makes it difficult to understand The Butcher's words) just serves to muddy the waters and drags on far too long to remain suspenseful.

Well intentioned, and not without merit, this is nevertheless far from greatness.

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