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Quay 2015 full movie online free

The short documentary centres on Stephen and Timothy Quay, as viewers will get an insight into the "inner workings of the brothers' studio".


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Release: Aug 19, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Quay full movie review - Quay Brothers at work

The title "Quay" already gives away what this 8-minute documentary short film from 2015 is about. It depicts Stephen and Timothy Quay how they are busy at their workplace and occasionally they also explain something about their sets for example.

The two are identical twins and will have their 70th birthdays next year. They have been very active in the (animated) film industry for decades and this is director Christopher Nolan's tribute to the two of them as they apparently very much inspired him in his career. His name being attached to the project probably also made this little film much more popular as Nolan is one of the most respected filmmakers of our time and documentary short films are nothing he has ever touched before. So most people will probably see this one because of its director and not because of the people in here. The Quays are probably only known to (animation) film buffs today. But maybe this little piece here will get some more interested and this way the effort would be rewarded. I have seen some of their works and I must say I am not really a fan of their style. This is probably also why this documentary was not very interesting to me. I think fans of the duo in here will have a good time watching, everybody else can skip it.

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