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Recovery 2016 full movie online free

The night before their high school graduation, Jessie and her friends are guided by a 'Find My iPhone' app to recover her lost device from a house whose demented tenants are hell bent on making her a flesh and blood member of the family.


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Release: Oct 27, 2016

IMDb: 3.8

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Recovery full movie review - Not a good one

Cliché as hell (but that's not really the problem, the story and beginning was OK to be set for a good disposable title.)...

nothing new, bad scripting people that know how to scrip don't make the victim characters knock-out the enemies and have them walking away after which is what literally happens 2-3 times... after you down someone who's trying to kill you, bash their head with whatever you can find so they don't get up later and freaking kill you!(or at least bind them) besides that the mom character and Ed's girlfriend are pretty useless in the movie very bad usage of them, Miles was the typical ''funny'' guy and it works for the most part but later when things get rough he turns to be very dumb and his sister ends up being bad-ass she clearly one-shots Ed but for some reason when the movie could have just ended and it would've been kind of an OK disposable movie but the guy who was supposedly dead shows up and ruins everything. And what about the dad and his gear ? he's clearly not a doctor to live in that ***thole.

The good things i find in this movie are the humour with the new age of internet it's enjoyable,Eds visual and his room and the first half of the movie that does a good job keeping you entertained with corny jokes and typical teen things, but again it falls when hell breaks loose on your protagonists and you start to notice many script/screenplay flaws.

Directors have to stop making crappy movies like this with many plot holes and flaws this isn't the beginning of slasher/terror films like F13th or Halloween where people accept it because they're classics , don't get me wrong here but i love bad slasher movies and this was OK for me but anyone who's not like me and has a critical nature will have wasted their time ... i don't know how many bad movies of this genre i watched that have the same flaws and plot-holes like it's copying corny aspects of classics from 30 years ago, you can still make movies like this but without having clear holes/flaws that could have easily been taken out with a review, ''You're next'' is a clear example of that.

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