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REPARATION is a powerful psychological thriller that swirls like a funnel cloud around Bob Stevens -- a small-town farmer with a three-year hole in his memory. When a mysterious stranger, Jerome, shows up claiming to have been his best friend in the Air Force Police, Bob's peaceful existence begins to unravel from the outside in. Bob's entire family is caught in the storm -- but none more than Bob's eight year-old daughter, Charlotte, who discovers that she might hold the key to conjuring Bob's forgotten past. As Charlotte comes to learn, "every time something happens that knocks us out of balance, we try doing something that will knock us back in..." That universal theme of balance is the soul of REPARATION.


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Release: Sep 04, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Reparation full movie review - Living a policeman's nightmare

Bob Stevens can't remember anything about his Air Force service, until his daughter recognizes a stranger from his past. I saw Reparation with my wife, a police officer coping with PTSD.

At one point in the film she sat bolt upright in her seat, and then cried. This is a very powerful film about family, friendship, loyalty, duty and of course reparation. Written by a former military policeman, Reparation isn't a story that will leave you wondering if the characters might have made other choices the story could have ended differently. The superb story line, skillful direction and wonderful acting leave you convinced the none of them had any other choices. This is one of those rare adventures that sucks you into somebody's nightmare and then breaks your heart.

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