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Residue 2015 full movie online free

The government cover-up of the causes behind a massive explosion in a futuristic UK metropolis spur photo journalist Jennifer Preston on to search for the truth and in the process blow open a paranormal phenomenon haunting the city.


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Release: Mar 20, 2015

IMDb: 4.4

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Residue full movie review - SPOILERS, And the truest review.

Residue is a short series consisting of 3, 42 minute-ish episodes. There are 7 characters that matter, and "matter" in itself is a stretch. Basically there is an alcoholic and presumably drug-addict-cop.

Who sits in his car wasted on new years eve. Then you have the happy- celebrating-couple who are drinking and kissing for new years eve. The daughter of the cop calls the father (who doesn't answer because of his incoherent state passed out in his car) then an explosion happens and it cuts to the happy couple in the apartment who in a very sexual moment get interrupted by the sound of an explosion. What a buzz kill. Then you have the face of the cover-up, an Asian-ish looking woman who sucks. It then cuts to about a month later. The blast radius has now been "quarantined." You get to see the completely stereotypical alcoholic cop dealing with his loss by drinking more. What a fu**ing surprise. Except his story isn't cool, and he isn't cool, or a good actor, at all. The aforementioned happy couple consist of the woman who is a photographer who is taking pictures of people "affected" by the aftermath of the explosion, and the man who is actually the PR guy for the government trying to cover up the cause and/or real reason behind the explosion who is the assistant to the Asian lady who sucks. Which all sounds pretty interesting for the first 33 minutes. The cop is convinced that there is more to everything than the media is letting on, and so does the woman photographer, although these are separate story lines. The cop alcoholic gets information from a seemingly homeless black kid who pick-pockets wallets off the street about a guy mouthing off about the explosion on new years eve. So the cop goes after this guy who was supposedly "mouthing off" about the explosion. He stabs him in the hand after insulting him telling him he better get some information the next time he see's him. Later it cuts to a random red-head who seems to have a passion for ripping off his reading glasses really hard indicating frustration. He is the guy basically high up in the government that is trying to contain the situation. The "bad guy." He is informed by the alcoholic cops captain that this alcoholic employee is asking the right questions and therefore needs to be taken care of. Later on it cuts to the thug that got stabbed in the hand who gets killed by the police captain for the purpose of framing the alcoholic cop, thus solving that problem for the higher ups. The alcoholic cop is arrested and presumably taken into custody and that is the end of that storyline. As for the photographer woman. She spends about an episode and a half doing the same thing. Walking around taking pictures and saying something is going on and no one knows what it is. Eventually coming to the conclusion (that is never actually specified or talked about) that it is something supernatural or "ghosts" While her boyfriend grows more and more suspicious about the people he works for and the credibility of the story they are telling the public. So he decides to sneak into the quarantine zone of the explosion that took place. He ends up getting shot but gets medical attention apparently from the people within the quarantine zone that never left. The girl finds the boy and they are super happy for like 24 seconds. Then the army busts in. She tells them they all need to run to the border of the quarantine zone and tell the army that they are survivors and that the government has been lying, they absolutely disagree but end up doing that anyway due to the army finding them and start shooting. So they run to the border and the media immediately starts filming them so the army stands down. It then cuts to a press conference by the Asian woman who sucks saying that the people who were seen coming to the border were exposed to "highly contagious substances" and were therefore in isolation for the public safety. It then cuts to the lone woman photographer strapped to a bed in the middle of a big building courtyard of some sort with the red-headed-glasses-ripping-off-with- conviction- bad-guy who asks her why she was immune to the "ghost" attacks. She says she wants to see her boyfriend and he basically laughs and says she'll tell him what he wants to know one way or the other. The 3 episodes were absolutely a chore to get through. The storyline is EXACTLY 28 weeks later except with stupid black shadow ghosts, less credible actors, and even less credible ACTING. Do not watch this mini-series. Just watch 28 weeks later. You'll get the exact same story except you'll enjoy it exponentially more.

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