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Results 2015 full movie online free

Two mismatched personal trainers' lives are upended by the actions of a new, wealthy client.


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Release: May 29, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Results full movie review - results (2015) new release comedy film review – amazon instant watch

By Melissa Antoinette Garza

I only recently heard of this film, but the reviews have been extremely positive. Though still in cinemas, it is currently available for rent off Amazon streaming.

Results follows gym owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) and the complicated relationship he has with employee Kat (Cobie Smulders). When Danny (Kevin Corrigan) recently acquires a hefty inheritance from his estranged mother shortly after a divorce, he decides to use a portion of it to get personal lessons from Trevor's gym with the hopes of successfully being able to withstand a punch.

Despite Trevor being wary, Kat insists she takes the job as she wants more clients. Danny has an instant attraction to her and she's not completely uncharmed by him. After stopping by his house to get high, they have a romantic encounter which most certainly means more to Danny than to Kat. When she comes over for her next session, Danny has a jazz band and a romantic dinner waiting. She becomes furious and storms out.

She runs to Trevor who is jealous as he and Kat were former lovers. Though it's obvious Kat wanted more, Trevor whose philosophy is based on visualizing goals and attaining them, didn't see her as a long-term part of his life. Despite his own feelings and affection for her, he insists on keeping their relationship professional.

Trevor calls Danny to threaten him, and when Danny is unimpressed with the tactic, Trevor shows up at his house. The two end up getting along and Trevor even starts training Danny to become stronger.

They become such good friends that Danny purchases 50% of the business to help Trevor's goal of expanding become a reality. A falling out of sorts occurs when Danny discovers Trevor's feelings for Kat. This is done extremely well as it's not for the usual rivalry reasons seen within most films depicting two people who share an affection for the same person.

The focus isn't on a love triangle, but instead the existence of three decent yet flawed individuals and the way in which each person impacts the other. The strengths and weaknesses of the trio compliment one another and help each find success in all avenues of their lives.

From start to finish I enjoyed this movie immensely. It will certainly be one I purchase once available. The characters are believable in The acting both from the main players and the supporting cast is fantastic.

Giovanni Ribisi portrays a corporate lawyer Danny befriends in a bar trying to score weed. I've always loved Ribisi's work and have followed his career for years. Whereas friends of the main characters can sometimes be easily forgotten, Ribisi really brings out the eccentricity in his portrayal to ensure, it won't be soon forgotten.

Another side character who brought so much to the table was Danny's ex-wife Christine (Elizabeth Berridge). At one point Danny thinks about going back to his ex, despite objections from Trevor. Rather than making Christine a caricature of the evil ex, Berridge portrayed her as a genuine and sympathetic woman who cares enough to be there for Danny when he's trying to reassess his life.

Berridge is Kevin Corrigan's real-life wife. She also played beside him on Grounded for Life as his girlfriend Amy which of all Eddie's girlfriends was my favorite and the one who stands out the most. Amy was a hilariously demented character, and Berridge flawlessly walked the line keeping her sympathetic and crazy without making her a villain. I really hope to see Berridge in some new projects soon as she always adds so much to any production.

Both Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders were fantastic in their roles. They shared great chemistry and portrayed each character with a level of realism and intelligence.

Smulders was tough as nails as Kat without going overboard into Tomb Raider style badass-ery. She calls out a woman for not paying her bill on time and eating a cupcake with such a nonchalant aura of confidence that was both hilarious and cutthroat.

Last but never least, Kevin Corrigan stole every scene he was in. Danny could have been easily portrayed as a joyless person. He's a little insecure, depressed, bored, lost contact with his mother for years before her death, tries too hard and fails with women ? the list goes on and on. Corrigan breathes life into Danny with his expressions, mannerisms, and humor which makes for some of the funniest scenes in recent cinematic history. Corrigan is one of those few actors who when walking in a room immediately takes over the scene. In everything he's in, opposite anyone, he just has that capability. The attention is drawn to him like eyes to Fireworks on the 4th of July. It's like Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men (1957) or Sidney Poitier in A Raisin in the Sun (1961). Even when on screen with the best in the business, everyone is watching them because they have a level of talent which is unsurpassed.

I really can't recommend Results enough. It was unique, hilarious and surprisingly very original in the portrayal of each character. Seek out a local theater showing the film or order it from your home on Amazon

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