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Redeemed Jedi Knight, Revan, has saved the galaxy from the threat of his apprentice, Darth Malak, and has brought peace to the galaxy and to his wife, Bastilla. However, long forgotten memories from his once dark past convict him to search the galaxy for the evil threat that he and Malak ventured out to find once before. On the Imperial center of Drommund Kaas, Scourge, a Sith Pureblood, has been summoned by the order of the Emperor himself and admitted into the investigation services for dark council member Darth Nyriss. His investigation leads him to discover assassination attempts, hidden plots, and the long lost home world of the Emperor, where the truth of his raw destructive power reveals to the Empire and the Republic the necessity of stopping him and saving the galaxy.


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Release: Jul 17, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Revan full movie review - Review for Revan

Good movie. I believe almost all of you have a good chance to keep going for your movie careers. Producers, actors/actresses, executors, and directors have some, not all, potential of being a movie guru. If you are planning to do another storyline of Star Wars, I am looking forward to watch.

I do like the introduction. There are some curiosity from the fans who have wondering about your film location. The behind the scenes videos showed why you did it. You guys made from your backyard to certain, cool, background graphics of the Star Wars universe. The only mistake I see was the cut dialog. Obviously, we might know what will happen to the plot as the jedi knights found the treasure mask. Other than that, I think the end of the movie was giving you a good start of your movie careers. Well done, team.

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