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Run, Hide, Die 2015 full movie online free

On the anniversary weekend of the death of a young women's husband, five girls head out to a cabin to help their friend move past her husband's death. As the party continues a dark secret begins to unravel and a hideous past crawls out to seek revenge.


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Release: Sep 01, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Run, Hide, Die full movie review - Unsettling, Uncomfortable, Unpredictable, Unhinged

This is my first review on IMDb. There are hardly any reviews for this film anywhere on the Internet. I wanted to contribute.

I saw this on hulu plus.

Not knowing get what to expect I figured this would be a standard 80's slasher throwback. I was wrong.

The set up is very familiar. Five girls head off to a cabin in the woods for a fun getaway. However, this day marks the anniversary of the murder of the main girl's ex husband. That's all I'll give away as far as what happens. What I will say is the film takes it's time effectively building up all of the characters. These aren't cardboard, one dimensional characters. They are real people. When the horror does start, the movie becomes extremely uncomfortable and quite unpredictable.

Some points...

The music score really adds to the tension.

You will be surprised by the twists and turns.

The low budget adds a gritty feel. Although it does work against the film at times. The camera is shaky here and there and you might not always catch what's happening. This doesn't happen too much though. The low budget actually worked it It's favor for the most part.

I've seen a lot of horror movies. Rarely do they leave me feeling unsettled. This one did. And for that, I give it due praise.

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