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The beauty of the land cannot mask the brutality of a farm town. As harvest draws near, Betty confronts a terrifying new reality and will go to desperate lengths to save her family when they are threatened with being forced from their land. An old friend, struggling to keep his own farm profitable by any means necessary, offers Betty a way out. She refuses to get involved, but as the pressures mount for her family and they are on the brink of eviction, her husband, Frank, reveals that he is seriously ill. How far will one to go to take care of one’s own? Recalling all that is heartland Americana, this film combines an ecological urgency with a compelling yet sensitive story.


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Release: Jun 26, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Runoff full movie review - Serious, Funny and really makes you hold a mirror to yourself! MUST SEE!

"Runoff" is a film about a middle class farming family that has found themselves falling on hard times. Betty, the mother of this family, must decide whither to put her personal morals aside to help them out of their rut or watch as their small town life's begin to unravel even more around them.

The story is something many people have found themselves experiencing more and more today with the economic hardships. But to see it from a rural stand point just proves how universal the films themes of survival are. You can be from an Urban or Suburban area and still understand what these characters are going through, and decide on if you agree with their actions in the end.

The film also gives a great glimpse into the Farming community itself! Almost shot documentary style, we get an inside glimpse of the underbelly of how farms are run and the competitiveness that there is between the small town farmers and the big corporations. You really discover that there isn't really a difference between the American Cultures when you examine them under the microscope that this film brings to light, and that is due part by the fantastic script that Kimberly Levin presents and her directing style.

A great script and story isn't all that this film has to offer though, it's cast is stellar. Especially Joanne Kelly, mostly known for her role in "Warehouse 13", who carries the film. For those who are fans of her work as Myka Bering they will be shocked to see her very stripped down and completely raw in what I want to say is probably one of her best performances! Even with there being so little dialog in some scenes just her presence conveys so much.

It's not all seriousness either. The story is able to bring out a few good laughs along with really making us examine our own moral values in the end. It's certainly a small film that needs to be shown in a bigger light and totally worth checking out!

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