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RWD 2015 full movie online free

Two men went searching for ghosts, but they found themselves instead...


Quality: HD []

Release: Sep 26, 2015

IMDb: 10.0

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RWD full movie review - Rwd

RWD has to be 1 of the worst found footage movies there is.It reminded me of when I took a film class in high school & our teacher said *Today we're going to learn about special effects.

Everybody is going to walk around school filming whatever you like & later on, we're going add in some special effects* That's exactly what this movie felt like.It felt like it was footage shot by high school kids that made absolutely no sense & was only shot to show off special effects.If you come across this movie, I'd skip it.I almost made it to the end but with 15 minutes left to go, I just could NOT do it anymore.I felt like I was torturing myself.The only thing I can think of that almost helped me make it to the end was my love of bad movies but RWD was badder than bad, it was B- A-Double D..... BADD!!! Avoid it at all costs

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