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Selective Listening 2016 full movie online free

HARRISON is an optimist with a history of schizophrenia and a limited social circle who battles the diverse and unpredictable voices he hears, a judgemental society and the hazards of social media as he attempts to make a new friend. To manage the voices, he projects them into his childhood toys: SMILING HERBERT contains the voice of rage, MOLLY is the voice of paranoia, BEAN represents irrepressible sexual thoughts, CONRAD speaks the bare facts, MARROW provides an indecipherable mumble and MOUSEY is the sound of panic. When Harrison happens upon the philanthropic online posts of the beautiful social media addict, AMBER, and she blindly accepts his “chum request”, Harrison sees this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but is it...?


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Release: Sep 02, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Selective Listening full movie review - A great British indie film.

I love finding little gems like this.

This is the third film I've seen recently about 'the voices in your head'. The first was 'The Voices' (with Ryan Reynolds) and the second was Disney's 'Inside Out'. But, thinking about it, 'Selective Listening' may be my favourite of the three.

It is a film that truly fits within the category of a comedy-drama as it is very funny throughout but held together by a serious theme. It's about a man who hears voices and so uses toys to embody them as a means of controlling them. Therefore, rather than the voices coming from nowhere, they come out of puppets that only he can see. He has one friend who doesn't treat him very well and so he uses social media to try and make new friends, but things don't go as planned.

Each voice has its own personality, like violence and paranoia. I loved the toy that was obsessed with sex! He was hilarious. There is a lot of swearing and offensive insults that might make some people cringe in polite company, but my boyfriend and I laughed all the way through and all the language feels justified because it fits within the context of the film.

There is a psychological aspect to the film because at times the voices become mixed and its unclear what is real or just in the main character's head. It made me feel sorry for the guy and impressed upon me what it must be like to hear voices, let alone be ostracised for having the affliction. But in the midst of it all I was forced into guilty laughter at what was being said.

It is one of those films that you have to watch more than once as there is so much humour and so many things going on, I could tell there were jokes hidden in the background and I sometimes missed jokes because he was laughing.

The film itself has got charm because it doesn't have a mainstream feel and, although it is apparently low-budget, it doesn't feel cheap. I didn't recognise any of the actors but they are all really good. I love the girl who is obsessed with her social media page and "film career". Her YouTube audition for a low-budget gangster film made me laugh. It has some great shots and the script is funny and original.

A funny film to watch from the outside, but I definitely wouldn't want those voices in my head! 8/10

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