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Peter Hammer moves to Kennedy high school in an upscale neighborhood and meets the microcosm of school on the first day. Arty Samantha, Queen Bee Natalia, New Age Spencer, and hanger-on Andy. They're all anxious to graduate from Kennedy, but their uptight teacher Ms. Ghetty throws a curve ball by assigning the class a Senior Project, where they have to team up and present a topic at the end of the year in order to graduate.


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Release: Jan 07, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Senior Project full movie review - You've seen this before...even if you haven't

First of all to address the higher than should be rating on IMDb is due to (at the time of this review) this film having 53 reviews! 53! Everyone that worked on this movie didn't even take the time to leave a positive rating.

Now to address Senior Project. It's not terrible or poorly done or insanely low budget. It's not the worst movie you'll ever see. But Senior Project is painfully mediocre. PAIN-FULLY. It took so few artistic risk it's somehow shy of cliché. I just imagine the theory for the movie was "we want our film to say what millions of other films have said....but you know....quieter. Maybe someone will watch it eventually."

There's nothing here for the viewer. It's a demo reel for some young actors and not much else. There's not one single laugh, or apex. No awe moments or "I hope he gets the girl" moments. There's not even a moment where the movie is funny bad. It just exist as passable content. A few actresses delivering some poor lines. And a few average ones. It's an incredibly inoffensive movie that seems like it wanted to be directed for teens....and children? But neither?

I also don't feel the need to post a synopsis on the film here. Seriously, read the log line. That's as deep as it goes. You can see this movie from start to finish in your head.

I won't say avoid it like plague. But there's nothing here for you. Take a risk on a better or worse indie movie please

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