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Shark Exorcist 2016 full movie online free

A demonic nun unleashes HOLY HELL when she summons the devil to possess a MAN-EATING SHARK!!


Quality: HD []

Release: Jun 24, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Shark Exorcist full movie review - The best effects on the DVD are the menu screen.

Warning there are some spoilers in this.... I think.....I'm still not sure what happened.

I don't know where to begin when reviewing this movie.

The beginning was poor, the middle worse and the less said about the end the better, depending which one you are talking about, there are three.

We watched with with a group of mates and decided that the best way to approach the review is to list random comments, which is a perfect mirror of how this movie must have been constructed.

Scenes were edited in a way to add suspense but instead just look like they gave up mid shot.

The story was almost incomprehensible. The final 15 minutes had no relation to the previous 50.

The camera (yes one) ranges in quality, some is basically iPhone footage that has been uploaded poorly to YouTube, downloaded and then burnt to DVD. The only part filmed in 'good' quality are the CG renders of the shark which are totally unneeded for the continuity of the film.

'Acting' was so wooden I got splinter's in my eyes.

67 minutes, why does it feel like 67 days.

This makes The Room look like Schindler's List.

Many of the scenes are filmed so poorly, exterior shots have no usable audio.

One scene has some of the worst ADR I have seen in a while.

I saw the cover and wondered what this film was about. After watching I'm still wondering.

The best effects on the DVD are the menu screen.

There choice of actors led to come confusing scenes where one woman was either playing a 'child' or and 'adult with learning difficulties' that was seduced by the shark? The use if a question mark is intentional as i'm not quite sure what happened in the scene.

How to you get attacked by a shark on a bridge above 2 foot of water? Probably the same way this DVD got a release, a deal with Satan.

The film could could well have all the shark scenes cut and still make as much sense, if fact we wondered if it was soft core porn with all the sex removed.

There is a baffling scene at a the end of the movie which was genre defining? that being plastic shark erotica.

The over use of the zoom function on their cheap camera was jarring. The seasickness helped to reinforce the maritime theme of the movie.

There are no continually errors in this film as there is no continuity. Continuity error implies that something made sense.

In conclusion it is a 'good' movie to watch with a group of friends and rip the p**s out of every 14 seconds.

If you feel this review is disjointed wait till you see this movie. :o)

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