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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! 2015 full movie online free

The sharks take bite out of the East Coast when the sharknado hits Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida.


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Release: Jul 22, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! full movie review - Fun for fans of the first two!

After surviving another Sharknado in Washington D.C.

Finn Shepard decides to head to Orlando Florida to spend time with his wife & daughter, only to discover his days of shark killing are far from over, when another Sharknado hits, putting Finn's family & other guests attending the Universal Theme Park at risk, from a slew of oncoming hungry sharks that are headed their way. With the help of his dad, a former astronaut (David Hasselhoff) Fin & April attempt to join him in space, to find a way to put an end to the shark carnage & storms, but as they soon find out, they are no safer in space either, as they are hit with an onslaught of oncoming shark creatures.

SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! is the third instalment to the popular series produced by hack company THE ASYLUM & SYFY TV. Thankfully the SHARKNADO films are a much more fun type of bad B movie, unlike the Asylum's other movies, which are painfully dull, featuring slow moving plots, full of cardboard characters & bad dialogue & CGI effects & bearing a cheap made for TV look, the SHARKNADO films at least try to be fun, features better acting, better plots, better CGI & always has something going on in it's plot to keep one watching, not to mention interesting characters & well thought out sequences of carnage. While not quiet as satisfying as Part 2, SHARKNADO 3 is still a really fun movie & the comedy bits this time are amped up to ten, as we are given a slew of funny & outrageous moments. The film's opening credits sequence gives us a cheeky nod to James Bond films, which sees returning star Ian Zierring walking into frame afar off, turning to the camera & then chucking a running chainsaw at the screen. Sharks landing in the White House & chomping on anyone they can come across, Ian Zierring wielding his golden chainsaw award (which runs) to saw in half on coming sharks, a shark landing on the lap of the Abraham Lincoln monument, the characters removing some paintings of the previous presidents from off the walls of the White House to use as surf boards, the president of the United States joining Fin in his effort to take down the sharks by blowing them away with a rifle, the White House being demolished to a pile of rubble due to the storms & the sharks smashing through it, I really liked the opening animation back ground used for the opening credits, it was a lot of fun. There is some pretty decent kills on hand, but not to much gore (most of it, if not all of it, is CGI blood & body parts) & some impressive CGI sharks. The direction & acting is well done. Tara Reid's missing hand has been replaced by a robotic one that also has the ability to morph into a buzz saw, should she come under attack from any potential flying shark attacks & there's plenty of on-screen carnage on hand, so fans of the series will no doubt be satisfied. The best moment (minus the White House attack) is when the sharks attack the NASCAR circuit! Production company THE ASYLUM even pays tribute to one of their own films, 3 HEADED SHARK ATTACK, in a fun sequence, which sees real sharks pop out of the screen & chew the heads off the moviegoers who are watching it in a theatre & you can't help but chuckle as BAYWATCH/KNIGHT RIDER star David Hasselhoff, Tara Reid & Ian Zierring fight off hordes of flying sharks coming straight at them, while they are in space! Zierring even uses a "laser chainsaw" to dispatch some oncoming sharks has to be seen to be believed, in what is clearly an obvious nod to the sabre wielded in the STAR WARS franchise. There's also some eye rolling comedy bits that are really lame, but their all done in the spirit of good fun, such as April giving birth to a child while in a shark that has swallowed her up & which is burning up in the atmosphere as it is falling from space & onto earth & her sawing through the burning creature to give the baby to Fin & Fin deciding to name the baby "Gil" after his dad (as in fish "gill" get it?) & the end credit being pronounced "Fin" the french word for the end.

That said, I will say that while I enjoyed the film for what it was, I personally feel that the premise is wearing mighty thin by this point, the film which at the very least tries to get into the very reason why there are so many shark attacks & why the storms carrying them are getting worse, is seemingly the only new wrinkle added to the same old formula, apart from that, what the audience gets is pretty much the same movie, only it just happens to take place at a theme park.

Like it's two predecessors, SHARKNADO 3 is loaded with a few familiar faces such as KATHY LEE GIFFORD, FRANKIE MUNIZ, David Hasselhoff, MARK CUBAN, BO DEREK, MICHAEL WINSLOW, former WWE superstar CHRIS JERICHO, former WWE diva MARYSE OULLET, JERRY SPRINGER, KENDRA WILKINSON & HOLLY MADISON & JASON LIVES star DARCY DEMOSS, AL ROKER, MATT LAUER, Subway spokesmen JARED FOGEL, LOU FERGINO, ANN COULTER, RYAN NEWMAN & CASSIE SCERBO reprises her role from the original film as Nova.

In the end, If you can accept the fact that Hasselhoff (who is not to much older than Zierring) could be Zierrings dad & that sharks can fly & survive in space than you might be able to sit back & enjoy the craziness of this movie. But this is strictly & I do mean strictly for fans who saw & loved the first two if you're not one of those beware?

*** stars

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