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Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens 2016 full movie online free

The new installment of the Sharknado franchise takes place 5 years after Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! There have been no Sharknados in the intervening years, but now they’re appearing again in unexpected ways.


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Release: Jul 31, 2016

IMDb: 5.0

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Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens full movie review - Watchable but the joke this time feels dragged out...

Astro X has taken care of the ever recurring Sharknados that have threatened peoples lives. For five straight years, the world has lived in peace & harmony free from any potential attacks.

However when unforeseen complications resulting from the way they handled the sharknados causes another one to form seemingly out of thin air, the world is plagued with yet another sharknado that is more powerful than any of the ones humanity has faced before, Fin Shepard teams with his long thought dead wife April (the returning TARA REID), his daughter & young son & his oldest boy (from the original) who has brought along his new bride for the wild mayhem, not to mention Fin's dad, all of whom attempt to stop the madness, with April now being gifted with superhero like powers to fly, drag vehicles & hold up flying cars. However the quickly discover that attempting to stop a sharknado is one thing, but can they stop the madness that has now come to include not only a lavanado, a bouldernado & lightningnado but a nuclear sharknado as well? or will they all wind up as fish food for the sharks?

Fourth film in the SHARKNADO franchise (& arguably the silliest one of the bunch) manages to make a watchable time waster, with all sorts of wild ideas & familiar faces thrown about here & there, that manages to keep you watching, if for no other reason than to see how wild the plot can get & who else we will recognize from TV & film that might pop up on screen, however by the time the film was over, I still couldn't shake the feeling that this one note premise, which could barely uphold one movie, let alone four of them, is starting to wear mighty thin by this point. All the plot elements here, especially the premise revolving around the sharknados are just rehashed from the previous entries, with no new grounds covered. The absurdity level has also increased to beyond ridiculous levels, on a scale of one to ten I would say it touches on a nineteen here. SHARKNADO 4 is still well acted & directed (with the director having a cameo role himself along with his daughter) but again the whole premise just felt tired this time around.

As in the previous two films, SHARKNADO 4 continue it's tradition of featuring a few recognizable faces turning up in cameos & small roles & poking fun at other films, GILBERT GODFREY starts as a tornado chaser who mention how a couple of cows has passed their vehicle with the driver of the van replying: I think it was the same cow (a line uttered in TWISTER) minus Godfrey, David Hasselhoff returns as Fin's dad (his daughter also has a role) co-starring alongside his BAYWATCH co-stars YASMINE BLEETH & GEENA LEE NOLAN (Seen running in slow motion from pursuing sharks go figure!) with Bleeth mentioning that her parents always wanted her to get a real job rather than walking around a beach with a swimsuit on all day in a clear reference to the popular TV shows premise. Troma owner LLOYD KAUFMAN, CARRIE KEGAN, PAUL SHAFFER, SCOTT "CARROT TOP" THOMPSON & CLUELESS star STACIE DASH finds herself in a WIZARD OF OZ reference where she plays a snarky mayor who dies when a house lands on her (wherein Fin's son mentions that: I don't think were in Kansas anymore!) WAYNE NEWTON also shows up & Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans will delight in seeing Texas Chainsaw 3D star DAN YEAGHER playing Gunnar (a tribute to the late Gunnar Hansen who played Leatherface in the 1974 movie, a character of whom Yagher took over for) playing a menacing shop owner & Chainsaw 2 star CAROLINE WILLIAMS reprising her role as Stretch (Both of whom carry a chainsaw to ward off on coming sharks) uttering famous lines like: "The Saw is family" & "It ain't Texas without a Chainsaw Massacre"! GARY BUSEY is here as well starring as April's dad (With Busey's daughter also landing a role), other stars include David Faustino (Bud from MARRIED WITH CHILDREN) Former POLICE ACADEMY actor & LAVANTULA star STEVE GUTTENBERG (who later regretted turning down the role of Fin Shepard in the first movie) reprises his role from that movie meeting up with Finn again (Zierring had a cameo spot in that movie) lending CHRISTINE (The murderous car seen in the infamous Stephen King movie of the same name) to Finn to help him & his family & friends drive through the madness & WWE wrestling fans will appreciate an appearance by current A-lister SETH ROLLINS. As if the title didn't give you any indication that the franchise was poking fun at STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, we also see a light sabre with Fin's wife April uttering the infamous line: "May the force be with you" & the films opening pre-credit sequel is done in STAR WARS style, as we get a glimpse of the galaxy & yellow lettering emerging from the bottom of the screen letting us know what has happened in the last five years & how the Sharknado's have now all been stopped.

All in all, again I will say I enjoyed SHARKNADO 4 for what it was & the series fans will no doubt have a blast with it, but what I am saying is that I just wish they would add or do something new with the premise to try & keep it fresh & interesting. The ending leaves a set up for another sequel.

*** stars out of ****

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