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Shelter 2015 full movie online free

After a cataclysmic event, five strangers sealed inside an emergency shelter with all the comforts of home must learn to cope with their situation and with each other.


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Release: Apr 21, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Shelter full movie review - More questions than answers

This movie felt longer than it is, the emotions of the cast and the situation they are dealing with is well conveyed and felt throughout the film, the logical inconsistencies in the movie were distracting.

Had we never seen the person monitoring the camera feeds at the end, it may have felt more complete actually. Its hard to reconcile that the experiment the "subjects" are a part of has no defined purpose. For example, if it were about survival, they proved they could survive. If it is about human morality, the operators/experimenters were in fact the most amoral characters in the plot. I had a lot of trouble understanding how each of them really got into the vault, why they spent so little time dissecting who each other was on the outside, and why they didn't challenge the surroundings more. They found the cameras in the grates after a full year and 3 months.

The relationships between the people were downplayed, but would have had a lot to do with their actions and/or their fate. We saw the marriage of the couple dissolve, somewhat callously but there was not a great explanation or portrayal of what happened. The chronological skipping made for a lot of suspense throughout the film, but sort of left an out for the filmmakers to not tell the entire story and fill the holes left in the skipped time.

The mirror scene at the end and finally a response by the experimenters/shadow company (of locking the door) proved to be the final inconsistency.

The film was interesting as a thought piece, but proved hard to digest and not get caught up in more of the details.

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