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She's The One 2013 full movie online free

A television hosts wakes up to her true desires when his best friend's video goes viral.


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Release: Oct 15, 2013

IMDb: 6.5

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She's The One full movie review - This Filipino Romantic Movie isn't the one for me. It's way too sappy and kinda bland.

I must admit, I don't watch many Filipino romantic movies, or telenovela shows; but I know a little bit about Filipino culture to know that this movie doesn't seem to have that unique, exotic Filipino style at all.

Made for Star Cinema 20th anniversary, this TV movie, sadly is full of typical old American style romantic clichés; like featuring filthy rich characters with big houses and glamorous clothing trying to get over, a very weak first world conflict. It's everything that the normal people of the Philippines isn't about. Because of this, it made the film kinda mediocre. Don't get me wrong, I do like the digital age idea. After all, the text messages that seem to pop out, once in a while were nice. However, the rest of the film lacks any sense of imagination with its viral video premise. It's not as interesting as it could be. It feels more internet stalking than romantic. Directed by Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar, this movie tells the story of a morning show host, Wacky (Dingdong Dantes) suddenly realizes for him to save his job, he must convince his best friend, Cat Aguinaldo (Bea Alonzo) to be the subject of a romantic viral video that captures the attention of the whole nation. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say, I hate, love triangle movies. There are way, too many of them and they end up, being very predictable. So, you might as well, add this movie to that list. It's clear, by the beginning, who is going to end up with the girl. I have to say, the two main leads in this movie, really do work well with each other, and does have chemistry with each other, despite one of them, saying it was a bit awkward, but I can't say, the same with the character of David (Enrique Gil). Nothing against the actor, because he was great in other films, but his character come off, as weird, and a bit spine-chilling disturbing than romantic. Honestly, what type of a girl would fall in love, with a man that tape her without her permission, in a rain pour? He never truly had a chance with his controlled personality. After all, the movie already establish, that self-centered, Wacky might have feelings for Cat; way before the romantic viral sub-plot kick in. Still, couldn't Cat do better for herself? It's weird that she has to choose over a narcissistic guy who sold her out to the media, or an over dependent boy who just want her, as a prize. What is this character, she's playing? A manic pixie girl sex object? It's seem so, with all the slow motion scenes. Besides, working at the laundry mat, it does seem, she has nothing else, going on. It is weird how like everybody in the film, is forcing her to get into a relationship. You would think, she would be, given more of a backstory. Still, her acting was alright. Another thing, that doesn't seem to work in the film is the comedy. The jokes were, too harmless. The movie was rarely funny, because of that. Even the slapsticks fell apart. I was really, hoping for more. After all, the movie has a character named Wacky whom doesn't seem to be, that wacky. I have to give the actor, some leeway. After all, it's Dantes' first time at the romance genre after doing a horror movie and a heavy drama with Star Cinema. He was alright, but I was wishing for more, a comedian side from him. It's seem like Enrique Gil is better suited for that type of a role. If anything, they should had switch roles. Even, the dialogue is kinda boring with its valley girl preppy tone. Liza Soberano is a fine supporting actress, but her character is very annoying, because of that. If there was anything, that made this movie not so dull. It would had to be, the dancing and the singing. The film, has far too little of that. However, it's still more entertaining than 1996's American romantic comedy, 'She's the One' in a long shot. It's the better of the two. (Btw, both films are not related). For a foreign language movie; it's was mostly meh. I just wish, it had more things about the Philippines, than its Tagalog dialogue. Overall: It's the romantic comedy that your grandmother or mother will love, but for anybody, under 30, it's nowhere near good. Sorry, I really can't recommended watching it.

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