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Silverhide 2015 full movie online free

Silverhide is a horror/thriller film exploring government conspiracy and secrets too horrifying to imagine.


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Release: Apr 06, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Silverhide full movie review - Wow this was baaaaad

To be honest with you, in terms of acting and writing, this movie isn't any worse than your average horror movie. But in terms of technical quality: sound, lighting, camera work, directing, editing, etc. even the average found footage movie is better. I am not lying or exaggerating.

I am not bashing the director for filming outdoor scenes indoors. I am bashing him for filming them so amateurishly. It was waaaaay to dark sometimes. You have to watch this movie completely in the dark. Otherwise, you'll constantly be saying, "What am I looking at?" I am sure the director excessively darkened the outdoor scenes to mask the fact that they were shot indoors. But it doesn't help if people can't seem much of the time. It also doesn't help when the dialogue makes it painfully clear the outdoor scenes were done indoors. The sound quality for this movie was bad. You could have the loudest speakers on Earth, the sound turned up full blast, your ear pressed against the speakers, and you'll still be unable to hear some of the dialogue. Halfway through the movie, I gave up trying to hear what some characters were saying. Even when they were speaking at normal levels I couldn't make out what was being said.

The sound and crappy lighting make this amateurish movie even more amateurish than it needed to be. Some of the writing was real dumb that would have writers for SyFy channel movies shaking their head, "This top secret government agency *gasp* is secretly running this place." When I heard that line of dialogue I almost immediately stopped watching the movie. The character who delivered that line is speaking after he had gotten his arm ripped off at his shoulder less than 2 minutes ago. This guy has his arm ripped off, they put a towel over his huge wound, and yet he's coherent enough to deliver a long dialogue that lasts more than 5 minutes? WTF? And the movie has seemed to have forgotten about the guy who got shot twice from an AK47 less than 20 minutes and is sitting less than 6 feet away. One character gets shot twice with an AK47 while another gets his arm ripped off up to his shoulder, the main female character only puts a towel over their wounds, and both injured men act as if they fell off their bicycle and landed on their shoulder? It makes no sense. Why isn't the main character screaming for help?

There are a few other technical problems wrong with the movie (like the terrible editing), but I won't go into detail. Nor will I go into the other ridiculous aspects of the writing that would have SyFy channel writers stunned speechless. I'll just go into the two most important parts of a horror movie: the kills and the creature design.

The kills are horrible. The kills are either off-screen or its CGI blood. The filmmaker couldn't even bother to give us fake blood. He had to give us crappy CGI blood.

The monster costume? It's just a puppet head! The movie doesn't show the monster from the neck down at all. Not once. You only get to see the head. And even when they show the head it's for less than 5 seconds at a time. But if your eyes are quick enough you can clearly see the monster is just a puppet head. When I saw the puppet head, my jaw dropped open. I was stunned for 5 minutes. Then I thought, "Maybe it's just a fake-out or something. Maybe that's not the real monster." But then at the end of the movie I saw the puppet head again and my jaw dropped open again. And my jaw stayed open for the remainder of the movie, right through the end credits. And I physically had to close my jaw until after the credits ended. No CGI monster. Not even a dude in a costume. Just a puppet head of something that looks like rabid possum. Wow.

To anyone who is reading this review: if you want to make a horror movie right now. Do it. You'd have to try extremely hard to make a movie worse than Silverhide.

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