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Slender 2016 full movie online free

Two filmmakers searching for the perfect documentary subject stumble across a story that even they don't want to believe.


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Release: Jan 01, 2016

IMDb: 2.5

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Slender full movie review - Good, if you're watching at 2:00 in the morning.

In my adventures in looking for some good movies, I came across "Slender", one of those fake documentary horror films that show a bunch of people making a documentary only to reveal to themselves a terrifying truth.

Alright, I like what some people can do with that. But this, this movie was simply a video of a bunch of pricks only really focusing on this poor lady who lost her two sons. And that's just a summary of the film.

The movie starts with a video recorded on a train of a seemingly crazy woman talking about a monster with tentacles and no face taking her children. Wonder who the monster was... (SlenderMovieCover.jpeg) And then it goes to my favorite pricks ever, one of them wanting to make a film! So we meet our group, boring filler happens and finally 30 minutes in it starts acting like a documentary. We find crazy lady and they interview her, not happy enough they decide to invade her dead children's old room, surprised that it has stayed the same for 5 years(This is what parents do when a child goes missing, they hope the child will return and keep the room the same. It's very sad actually...) We then leave poor lady at her house for a god damn year. During this time, the director decides the documentary is about fear and what it does to people. For them to show the effects of fear, they decide to prank this woman who is still looking for her sons after 5 god damn years and in the directors words, "pull the rug out from under her feet." They do this by dressing one of them in a costume of this spooky monster to pop up and scare her at her kid's old school. In the basement. So basically, they're gonna give her a big ol' middle finger with a note saying "Your kids are dead, deal with it." This ends up having them discover that the monster is real! How, you ask? Well the poor lady arrives at the school, dies what can only be guessed to have been the most terrifying and painful moment she ever was able to experience, and they all die except for the director, who ends the film in a dark classroom saying "You're not real, you're not real."

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