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Snow in Paradise 2015 full movie online free

Hard-hitting character study that's based on the real story of one man's journey to control his violence through religion. It takes us from the blood soaked East End of London to the world of the Islamic whirling dervishes.


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Release: Feb 13, 2015

IMDb: 5.0

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Snow in Paradise full movie review - Better Than I Expected

Dave is a London gangster who works for his uncle Jimmy . After his friend Tariq goes missing Dave's troubles are only just beginning as he becomes more and more reliant on cocaine and alcohol and finds he can no longer trust anyone

An unknown British independent film featuring a backdrop of gangland crime and instinctively I only watched it due to misguided jingoistic reasons of watching a Brit flick , In other words I knew in advance I wasn't going to enjoy it and considering it had no big names and a look of a student film it was going to be a waste of almost two hours

After seeing SNOW IN PARADISE one instinct that was confirmed is that it's not an "enjoyable" film . However that doesn't mean it's a bad film , in fact all things considered that most of the production team are inexperienced as are the cast this is a very well made film indeed . It's just that the tone is extremely bleak and nihilistic and while it's a film that shows the power of redemption we have to endure a lot of bad things happening in a depressing manner . In it's favour it is very compelling and much of this is down to the performance of Frederick Schimdt as Dave , an actor I'd never heard of prior to this film but look forward to seeing more of in the future . Perhaps due to Schimdt's obscurity I was never aware of an actor playing a role and was able to buy in to a gangster heading towards self inflicted total destruction

This is director Andrew Hulme's debut after spending several years working as an editor . Most of his work in SNOW IN PARADISE is surprisingly effective and achieves this via composer Kevin Pollard's constant and brooding musical score which adds a lot of heavy mood to scenes but unfortunately also tends to drown out the dialogue in some scenes due to a poor sound mix . Apart from that everyone involved in the film can feel some pride in making a hard hitting drama on a low budget

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