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So You Said Yes 2015 full movie online free

A woman who avoids relationships opens a vintage bridal shop, and goes head-to-head with the snobbish owner of the town’s classical bridal shop—only to find out her rival is the mother of her new boyfriend.

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Release: Feb 07, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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So You Said Yes full movie review - Most everything about this just so so.

The story is OK. A bridal shop owner runs a business which caters to clients looking for non-traditional wedding attire. A chance meeting with a lawyer brings a man into the shop owner's life.

A man whose mother also happens to own a competing bridal shop but with a snobbish slant. Overall the actors do OK. But, the characters just don't seem to fit together logically. I just don't buy it. Kelli Martin is a good actress but just is not the right person for this role, bless her heart. Quirky has been used in previous reviews to describe her character, but to me she comes off as a bit pitiful, unattractive, whiny, and just too odd and difficult for any sane person to want to have a relationship with. I did like the love interest character although I can't see why someone like him and from his background would have any interest in the bridal shop owner played by Martin. I am a guy, and not embarrassed to admit I like Hallmark chick-flicks. But this one for the reasons listed above is nowhere near the top of my Hallmark "like" list.

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