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Solace 2015 full movie online free

A psychic doctor, John Clancy, works with an FBI special agent in search of a serial killer. After having lived in isolation for two years, since the death of his daughter, Clancy is asked by his friend Joe, an FBI special agent to help him solve several murders committed by a serial killer.


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Release: Sep 03, 2015

IMDb: 6.3

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Solace full movie review - A decent storyline with a decent cast! 4/10

Review: I quite enjoyed this deep, psychological thriller and it was good to see Hopkins back on the big screen but they could have done a bit more with the concept.

Although the cast was quite good, Hopkins didn't really push his performance and Farell didn't get much screen time. With that aside, it's intense throughout and the attention to detail made it watchable. Anthony Hopkins plays a psychic doctor (John Clancy), who has become a recluse, after losing his daughter to cancer 2 years ago. He then gets approached by his old work colleague, Agent Joe Merriweather (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who needs his help to track down a serial killer. After turning down the opportunity, Joe's partner, Agent Katherine Cowles (Abbie Cornish), leaves the case notes with John and when he finally has a look at the file, he decides to join the agents to hunt down the killer. After a few more murders, John follows the cryptic clues which lead to a man called Charles Ambrose (Colin Farell), who also has psychic abilities and is always 2 steps ahead of the agents. They soon work out that Ambrose is killing people with terminal illnesses, so he is basically putting them out of there misery, before they start to suffer with there disease. Regardless of his good intentions, he is still classed as a serial killer and when Joe dies of terminal cancer, John makes it his mission to stop Ambrose from killing anyone else. He then comes face to face with Ambrose on a train and he can foresee Katherine getting shot during there alteration, so he steps in front of the bullet and kills Ambrose on the spot. After recovering in hospital, John gets back with his wife after being away from her since his daughter passed away. A decent concept but you do have to be in the right mood to watch it because it's quite depressing and the murders are brutal. Its also one toned and Hopkins seems to be in a zone of his own most of the time but I still got into the whole investigation side of the movie and I liked the way that Hopkins controlled his unique gift. It won't go down as an all time classic like the Silence of the Lambs but it's still a watchable movie which picks up once Farell comes face to face with Hopkins. Watchable!

Round-Up: Anthony Hopkins, 78, hasn't really peaked since his Silence of the Lambs days but he is still highly respected in Hollywood, who has a unique style of acting. With a couple of TV movies in the pipeline along with Go With Me, alongside Ray Liotta, he's not showing any signs of slowing down but there isn't any big budget projects coming soon. This is the first major movie from director Afonso Poyart and he is lucky to direct such an experienced cast. I liked the chemistry between Hopkins, Morgan and Cornish and Farell played the baddie, convincingly but it still seemed like it was missing something.

Budget: NA Worldwide Gross: $18million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their mystery, thrillers starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Janine Turner and Marley Shelton. 4/10

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