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Spirit Riders 2015 full movie online free

When a rebellious teen is arrested and sentenced to an equine therapy camp, she forms a connection with a spirited thoroughbred that she helps train with the guidance of the ranch's no-nonsense owner.


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Release: May 09, 2015

IMDb: 5.5

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Spirit Riders full movie review - Meaningful story that is enjoyable to watch.

I recently came across the movie Spirit Riders while shopping for a family-style video. The jacket photos and write-up caught my eye and, after watching it, I can say that I was pleased with my choice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. At the beginning of the movie, I wasn't sure that Allie Deberry as Kacie, the main character, would capture my sympathy, but she did. She even managed to evoke a few feel-good tears from me near the end of the movie. One character I was drawn to was Rex, played by Lance Henriksen?kind, tough, and patient all rolled into one. I did disagree with some of the direction in the film; the main instance that comes to mind occurs when Kacie races back into a burning barn to rescue a camper?everyone just watches from a distance (even Rex; they call for her to stop, but not a sole takes a step toward her); no one helps even after she exits dragging an unconscious male camper until she collapses. But while I noticed things like this, they did not spoil the movie for me?there were a myriad of well-done moments and a meaningful story throughout.

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