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Stag Hunt 2015 full movie online free

Badly planned trek across Dartmoor landscape brings four friends face to face with the Dartmoor Beast. Lost and afraid the terrified party has to fight for their own lives in desperate attempt to survive the night.

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Release: May 16, 2015

IMDb: 5.0

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Stag Hunt full movie review - Uneasy Mix Of Two Different Genres

A quartet of four lads are having a stag do . Deciding on a novelty type of stag night they decide to go on a camping trip to rural Dartmoor and camping overnight they find they're being stalked by something . Something hot human and very hostile

Typing that brief synopsis it appears that's there's a lot of potential in this storyline . Okay it's absolutely unoriginal in having a "there's something in the dark and it's coming to get us" type plot but personally speaking I think the reason it's overused is simply down to the fact it's an efficient plot for a horror film , and of course because it doesn't rely on spectacle it doesn't cost much to produce . Writer Neil Craske and director James Shanks don't want to go down this very well trodden path and instead STAG HUNT is more of a laddish comedy


The first half the film is entirely comedy based where four characters discuss an upcoming wedding . It's interesting to note that they're all played by actors who look like they're just about to enter middle age which in the grand scheme of the gene pool suggests they've probably got an inherent problem in getting the female of the species to find them in anyway attractive . They're not exactly the most likable guys in the world being rather immature with a slightly smutty sense of humour but to fair they're not exactly unlikable either

Before very long I had forgotten this was supposed to be a cross genre comedy horror and while the comedy is slightly flat I'm afraid the horror aspect is a bit flatter . Being set in the rural countryside during a full moon one can be forgiven for thinking the monster was going to be a werewolf and with hindsight I wish it was . The monster featured here is something along the lines of a beast of Bodmin Moor which isn't all that scary . I suppose the producers wanted it to be an enigmatic type of monster but I did feel cheated that the audience were (Pun alert) left in the dark as to what it was . The low body count was also disappointing as was the rest of film , but to be fair for such a low budget film the production at least tried

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