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The story is about Eva, a Ukrainian girl who has come to Milan to work as a model. As soon as she arrives in Italy she attracts the attention of the male world. All of the men that she encounters seem to be solely interested in exploiting her beauty: and so we have Luke, the stalker, who never stops tormenting her with text messages and phone calls; Airoldi, the shady television producer, who offers her various jobs in exchange for her sexual favours, and lastly, Tom, a vile photographer, who has no scruples whatsoever. After being raped at a party by Tom and two of his colleagues, Eva is invited by Cindy, her flatmate, to a sort of Sabbath, attended solely by women, in a place outside Milan. From that moment on, the gateway to success in the fashion world opens before Eva and, at the same time, a tremendous vendetta begins against the violent male world.


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Release: Sep 24, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Stalking Eva full movie review - Stalking Eva

Not having seen the film at the cinema, I waited for the DVD version to savor this film I had read enthusiastic reviews(especially for the uncut version): I was not disappointed, not at all, but it seems not an absolute masterpiece.

I very much appreciated the description of the world of fashion and television in its "normality", without the usual stale and American bombast,and Douglas Dean interpretations and Marcus J. Cotterell great in the shady part of the television producer. The rhythm of the film is good but some choices have not convinced me since ending a bit 'too simplistic. A nice movie, very good director's debut, to see!

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