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Steel 2015 full movie online free

Daniel (30), a successful TV journalist living life in the fast lane, has fallen into a deep depression. His seemingly perfect life suddenly collapses under him when panic attacks force him to deal with himself and his past. Fear, paranoia and desperation appear to get the better of him, people around him are helpless. Daniel, however, won’t give up: he tries to recapture what was once his by creating a second identity for himself, young Alexander (19), with whom he embarks on an extraordinary journey into a painful past.

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Release: Oct 02, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Steel full movie review - Just slightly entertaining

You really can tell a Canadian indie movie; there's always that overriding vernier of slow-pace coupled with extremely bad bed music.

This writing and plot is very weak, and the entire story could have been told in 30 minutes; enough time to expose and resolve the lead character's entire background story, add in a few tawdry gratuitous sex scenes...and yeah, that's pretty much it. The long pan-outs of scenery and mugging for the camera are beyond superfluous. And without spoilers, I pretty much "got" who Alexander was after their third interaction ( was that predictable). The one good thing I can say is the filmography is well done and ranges from the hand-held/shaky technique to give the air of tension to some very elaborate shots which must have required some expensive equipment. In fact, I seriously don't know how the producer got the money to create this movie with such polish (then again, this is a Canadian film, so I'm sure they got a public grant for their required quota of gay films per year). If you have an hour to kill, watch this movie with a remote control so you can fast-forward through the slow'll need it.

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