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Stick Man 2015 full movie online free

Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three, and he's heading on an epic adventure across the seasons. Will he get back to his family in time for Christmas?


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Release: Dec 25, 2015

IMDb: 6.4

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Stick Man full movie review - Stick Man

I saw clips for this short animation that would be broadcast during Christmas, I could tell it was the same writers and producers of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, so I was hoping for the same kind of fun.

Basically Stick Man (Martin Freeman) is a living tree twig who lives with his Stick Lady Love (Sally Hawkins) and their children in the family tree. One day Stick Man goes out for a jog, and through a series of incidents gets pulled further away from his home. As a tree twig he is used as a stick for a dog to play fetch, by a child as a Pooh Stick for the river game, a twig for a swan building its nest, washed out to sea and landing on the beach to be used as a mast for a flag on a sand castle. Every incident he manages to escape, and repeats the phrase "I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'M STICK MAN, that's me!", and it appears that he is gone for an entire year. In the end it is Santa Claus (Hugh Bonneville) who is his unexpected saviour, he helps him get back home to his family in time for Christmas, and he is content to stay with them, family is all he needs. Narrated by Jennifer Saunders, also starring Russell Tovey as Dog and Rob Brydon in various supporting roles. It's a simple story about a man who is a stick dragged away from his family, getting caught in sticky situations, and trying to find a way to get back to his family and stick with them, with fantastic stop-motion animation and well chosen voices it is a charming and likable animated fantasy for all ages. Good!

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