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Story of Eva 2015 full movie online free

Guilt ridden mother seeks to enact her vengeance against her daughter's killers. With detectives closing in, Eva transforms into a vengeful God.


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Release: Jan 13, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Story of Eva full movie review - As unintentionally funny as The Room

Plot: A Mother's Daughter gets (I think?) raped and murdered, Mother goes on a revenge spiral. Eric Roberts and Ricco Ross cash a paycheck.

Review: I came across Story of Eva and rented it out of curiosity. Hoping for a mildly interesting revenge movie, I got one of the most convoluted, inane, WTF movies I've ever seen. Something will happen on screen, randomly, without provocation or reason and then the movie moves on. It makes you wonder if anything you saw actually happened or if the editor got drunk. What I saw was a movie as unintentionally funny as The Room. However, I want to see future Tommy Wiseau movies but I can't say the same for these film people. If the movie didn't get so weirdly sleazy, I might've recommended it.

First off, there's some awful dialogue. I don't know if it started as a BDSM porn but this is a legit line:

Woman in Disguise (first time Male has ever seen her): " wanna go home and ****?" Male: (awkward beat)..."That would be FANTASTIC."

There's lines like this everywhere. Much of the plot is incredibly confusing and made it seem like we're joining the movie halfway and we should already know these people. Things just happen with no explanation or reason. For example, there's a fade to black, then a truck that blows up. There's cops in the area but they don't react to it and no one comments on it. It's there to wake up the sleeping audience I think. Or for another, there's a long dialogue sequence where a guy is talking to a trafficker, then starts making a ton of wacky facial expressions and noises. It's kinda revealed he's getting a blowjob and the woman gets up and goes inside a box. It's never set up or paid off.

Another example of plot confusion: we're TOLD that the mother's daughter is raped and killed. However, in the actual scene of that, she's lightly tapped from behind and falls down while the same happens to the mother. It's so clunky and hilarious that the movie keeps going back to that scene and making me laugh again.

Acting: You can tell a lot of the actors are trying but the script is so muddled that they don't have much to work with. Eric Roberts shows up for some scenes and does nothing of value.

In total: I don't recommend it. I wouldn't even recommend it for comedy value cause that means people might seek it out and spread it around like The Room. I don't want that for this, I don't want to encourage bad behavior.

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