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Strange Blood 2015 full movie online free

When a brilliant but obsessive scientist goes to extremes to develop a universal cure for all disease, he finds himself infected with a bizarre parasite that begins to transform him into a bloodthirsty madman. Time running out, he must find a way to stop the monster that is growing within and prevent the rest of the world from being "cured."


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Release: Apr 01, 2015

IMDb: 4.4

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Strange Blood full movie review - Had me being skeptical at first but god was I surprised.

Alright. First of all I gotta say. When this film began I was thinking; "Oh god not another cheap, low budget shocker with nothing but gore and disgusting scenes" I've been watching a few of those lately trying to find some good and interesting films.

Like for instance the Lazarus Effect which this film reminds me of a bit. I kept watching even though the start and mid of the film has a large focus on the shocking features that I figured out was not just meant to apply some content to the horror genre BUT ACTUALLY function as a well made transition into this monster/vampire...yes you heard it... vampire that is very different than what we are used to.

I'm not gonna leave to many spoilers but I'll recommend that if you'd like to experience a vampire transformation film from a scientific point of view (evolution and viral effects etc) this film is one you shouldn't pass on. About half way into the film you start to see whats really going on and I personally really like the ending. That said make sure you watch the credits all the way through. There's a surprise at the very end.

You'll love it, guys!

At first the film is quite slow. The phase is steady and has us really sorta fighting to stay engaged for what regards my own experience anyway but it certainly pays off seeing it through due to how it begins to unfold in this very interesting, different way whilst staying very true to the Horror Genre. It's not a cheap shocker guys. It might come off as being one in the start which I was thinking but in the end I was quite satisfied with the time I spent. Therefor I also rate it a 6 out of 10 which equals a "Good film" in my book.

Replay value is of course a matter of taste but I personally don't see an issue watching it again. The first bits make it a bit hard as mentioned but maybe I'll think differently the next time. Who knows. Time will tell.

Regardless guys. In order to summarize I'll highlight what we're dealing with nice and simple: Vampire, blood, gore, disturbing and quite shocking filming, good acting, steady phase (I didn't find it rushed at all. Arguably a bit slow at first but thats me), science, evolution, viral transfer resulting in mutation into a monster and more. Now that I'm thinking about it, it actually reminds me quite a bit of The Cave from 2005 of course with its own thing happening here.

Well guys. Thats my thoughts of this. I saw the score and I gotta say in my own personal opinion I don't think you should judge this film on that score alone because I believe it has had a rough time due to the factors I mentioned earlier. It has some rough visuals and arguably a slow phase and maybe thats what has dragged down the score. But take my word for it... If you like Horror, vampires, science and films like The Cave and The Lazarus Effect I recommend you give this shot a go. You won't be disappointed. And if you end up so anyway...well...sue me. Haha.

6 out of 10, guys. A good horror film. Better than average and better than most of the stuff we get nowadays in my opinion.

Have a good one.

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