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Suicide Note 2016 full movie online free

Ambitious psych major Molly White is on top of the world as she preps for her grad program entry exams. After celebrating with boyfriend Brady, Molly finds her roommate Emma crying after an incident she had with her boyfriend Adam. The next morning, Molly is shocked to learn that Emma jumped from the roof late that night, leaving a suicide note behind. Refusing to believe that Emma would do such a thing, Molly starts having haunting dreams over Emma’s death. Driven to uncover the truth about what happened to Emma, Molly begins to search for answers positioning herself in harm’s way.


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Release: Feb 27, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Suicide Note full movie review - Typical Lifetime

I am warning in advance that this has spoilers.

This is as predictable, uninspired film. I guessed the killer from the start, and I suspect many others will also be able to do so. Brant Daugherty, though extremely handsome, gives a weak performance. He has a moment or two near the end where he's slightly interesting, but that's it. The lead actress is typical Lifetime variety, as is most of the cast. Her best friend, Irene, played by Lexi something or other, is a bit better, showing some spunk at least. Realism goes out the window, as is typical with these types of films- detectives seemingly dismiss and ignore things that might be important. The, SPOILER ALERT, death at the end, by way of a paintbrush? to the neck, is incredibly stupid, as is the fact the professor didn't seem disturbed to find the heroine near a dead body. Why would they instantly believe this girl, roommate of the dead girl, in a room with TWO dead bodies, is innocent? The girl's boyfriend was sleeping with her dead roommate, that alone would make her a suspect.

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