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From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.


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Release: Aug 03, 2016

IMDb: 6.1

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Suicide Squad full movie review - Suicide Squad is a colorful yet a drab movie

Came out of Suicide Squad thinking it was a fun movie, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn't fun, but just an extremely poorly made movie.

The villain was terrible. I liked her in feral witch mode because she was actually kind of frightening. But once she became Aztacian, was confusing and awfully executed. Cara does a good job with what she is given initially, but the snake like dancing make no sense with what her character is. She seemed like a Shaman wolf in her first "form", almost demonic, but once she is transformed yet again, turns into a seductive Sucubuss, or a snake. Enchantress/Dr. June Moone was already a doctor who turned into an other worldly witch, she didn't need to be a doctor who turned into an other worldly witch who turned into a sexy and even more powerful other worldly witch. It was counter-productive; it goes against what was already established as her character ? as someone who turns into an even more powerful someone. Having her become more powerful by her brother defeats the purpose of having Enchantress being the main villain. He in-fact is the object of her power, and creates nocebo effect in which he is actually is more powerful than Enchantress. The Suicide Squad being more afraid of her brother and not her is a negative idea, as it makes Enchantress the lesser of the two. SHE'S THE VILLAIN, THEY SHOULD BE AFRAID OF HER! She was also terrible because of unclear motivations, and strange and out of character choices like: why did she resort to a sword fight for the final battle when she had incredible magical abilities? Why did she leave her heart in the cave after she realized Waller knew about her or even allowed ARGUS to get ahold of her heart? Why did she have to create a weapon when both her and her brother were gods with the same amount of power as the weapon? Why did she allow Harley Quinn to get in arms reach of a sword when she knew Harley was mentally unstable and was lying about siding with her, she did have telepathic abilities after-all?

Viola Davis is a strong actress and is good in the role of Amanda Waller, but had a weak excuse for bringing the Squad together. Her excuse is that there aren't any heroes remaining to take down the next bad Superman, even though we already have Flash, Wonder Woman, and Batman being heroes in this Universe. She's wanting a team of Meta humans, but the only meta human's she recruits are El Diablo and Enchantress. El Diablo refuses to use his powers and Enchantress doesn't even become a member of the Squad. There are major plot holes like: Captain Boomerang is leaving the Squad and is leaving town when the Squad is at the bar, but is in the very next scene standing beside them. He never came back, and he was farther away than the rest of the members. How did Joker survive when he didn't jump out of the helicopter and the nuke hit the back where he was seemingly at? He would've died first come think of it. Then again, Harley was in the helicopter too, how did she survive the initial nuke. I understand she was pushed, but the nuke was aimed right at the Joker and Harley. There were among other plot holes that had ruined the movie.

El Diablo is one of the strongest characters, with one of the most effective stories. His backstory highly effects his current actions and is a more positive influence than other characters. The redemption arc presented in this film works well with the overall plot of the film, but does however, get saturated by a simple yet ineffective script. Highlights like this, and the interactions between Harley Quinn and Joker create a veil that elevates the quality of the film. Harley Quinn, another highlight of this movie, is a fun and colorful role that allows Margot Robbie shine in a bland script. At times, jokes and innuendoes seemed forced, but Margot works through these problems and allows her acting to overpower these lines. The Joker on the other hand, has a rougher time overcoming these obstacles, as Jared Leto is often times seen struggling to out power the bad script, but this is more due to David Ayer directing Leto to be more like a psychotic version of Al Capone, when the character was written more like a comic book accurate Joker. A notable scene that shows the contradicting styles is when the Joker is in the middle of the weapons circle telling Frost to find Harley in a menacing glare, then suddenly leans back and creepily laughs. The other problem with Joker is having to few things to do in the film, which leaves a much less desired Joker. With these problems in mind, I look forward to see Joker in future films, and to see how Jared will do under the direction of a more seasoned Ben Affleck.

The music was also very jarring, because they blasted the "greatest hits" and drowned out the actors. Editing suffered from the same issues that Batman v Superman endured, quick scenes that would either move too quickly, or jump from one scene to another than back again. It was at times either confusing or disrupted the flow that the scene had already established. Most notable of these was during the final boss fight, in which the editing completely damaged the suspense establishing Harley's motives. Only redeeming thing about the film were the characters, the actors which were just amazing, and setting up the future of the DC Extended Universe!

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