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Summer of 8 2016 full movie online free

Eight close friends soak up their last day of summer together on the beach before parting ways for college.


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Release: Apr 26, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Summer of 8 full movie review - Empty Coming of Age Drama

Summer of 8 appears to be a modern day Summer of 42 with the backdrop of a modern day Eden being the beach side world of youth and endless possibility.

Most "Coming of Age" dramas include the subject matter of saying goodbye, losing ones virginity or letting go of the past in order to grow up. While Summer of 42 captures the age of innocence along with the struggle of entering adulthood, Summer of 8 falls short far from anything serious let alone entertaining. For starters, the movie cast 8 actors in their late 20's to portray a group of 18 year old recent high school graduates. Not only are most of the characters hard to keep track since all are attractive and look very similar. None of them represent a broad picture of today's youth. All are from well-to-do families since all are well dressed, well spoken and hardly have any real problems since the only issue is being young and having doubts about tomorrow. Although the premise offers a universal issue facing every generation, the cast and overall story fail to attract a large audience that would really care about any of them. The phony love scene is not only absent from the audience view but unrealistic and basically just as empty as the plot of the story. At the end of this 85 minute very slow story, the audience is left cheated, knowing that the only reason they gave this movie a chance was because of the movie's poster. The image of girls dressed in bikinis caught their eye. The limited eye candy along with 85 pages of endless dialogue and monologues makes Summer of 8 want to be taken serious but is nothing more than an empty drama.

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