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Sunset Rock 2016 full movie online free

A coming-of-age film about celebrity worship, love and disillusionment set in the Los Angeles YouTube community.


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Release: Feb 01, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Sunset Rock full movie review - Sunset Rock - Can you unplug to connect?

With the post-post-post-post Andy Warhol world of Everyone being famous for 15 minutes it makes you wonder how anyone can be special when no one really is.

The skewering Sunset Rock delivers to this mentality is perfect for what the Hollywood landscape has devolved into. Wilkinson addresses the need for love without commitment as a theme for stardom desired but never really achieved with honed talent. It's funny, it's sweet, your forehead will have palm marks at times and it plays as a valiant effort in trying to find place and purpose in the world of YouTube - fake celebrity, cyber entitlement, and longing to belong and connect. The look of the film far extends the budget it was built on and the cast help stretch every dollar on screen as well. Definitely a heart felt flick for folks jaded by heart felt flicks. If you really wanna get meta, watch it on YouTube - after you buy it of course so Wilkinson's cast & crew can make their next movie.

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