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In Forest Hills, Queens two loser brothers spend their days hatching poorly-thought-out schemes to rob a neighborhood bad girl in order to pay off a debt to a local bully. They simultaneously date her and quickly begin to fight for her attention all while refusing to get real jobs. All’s fair in love... with Susie Q and her men.


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Release: Apr 28, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Susie Q full movie review - I don't understand how this is rated so highly

So I learnt about this film from reddit, where it was frequently posted. I like to watch people's shorts, music videos and in this case a feature to see how well other people make films without a Hollywood budget.

Unfortunately for the case of 'Susie Q' there is little done well.

First off the dialogue is either badly mixed or a poor dub and does not feel natural (excluding voice overs), and this continues throughout rest of the film. The redeeming factors are when there is no dialogue and music is the carrier of the scene.

Which leads me on to the visuals. Now, not every film needs to be beautifully shot to be good. But in my opinion the visuals lack even a small amount of creativity, and if anything it looks like a student production. And when you have a scene that is being carried by music it needs to have the visual aesthetic to make it worthwhile to watch.

Then there must be a redemption in the editing? No. This 'comedy' has very poor comedic timing and jokes just fall short, which is unfortunate because the story itself is interesting and has some potential to be a good comedy.

I feel that this film was better suited in a short-film format, more effort could have been put into... well every aspect of the film. I feel that the team behind this project were way in over their head with a feature length film and could have produced something of considerably higher quality if it was 1/10 of the run time

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