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Swing State 2016 full movie online free

A bohemian Seattle DJ uses his on-air charisma to create a fictitious conservative radio personality, becoming an overnight sensation.


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Release: Aug 01, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Swing State full movie review - Skip this worthless movie

Swing State was destined for VOD and it doesn't even deserve that. It's unclear to me how movies like this, really bad movies, get made and seen while really excellent films that are shown in legitimate festivals (i.

e. Toronto vs. Catalina) are too obscure to be seen. This movie could not get worse. I watched it with friends from film school and we were all shocked at the quality of the film from the perspective of writing, directing and editing and that the acting could be as bad as it was. Another reviewer mentioned the soundtrack which we all found to be incredibly grating. The characters in this movie had no substance. This was meant to be a film poking fun at the conservatives, but as someone else pointed it out it only made liberals look like clowns. The writing of this movie is not at the level of a feature film. This looked more like a student film written by someone who will never write another film. We all found the directing to be disturbing. Alex Beh was awful, but it seems more a flaw of the director than the actor. This character was written poorly, had stupid lines and was directed to act like an idiot. Bad movie. Really really bad movie.

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