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Take the 10 2017 full movie online free

A day in the life of two best friends, a drug dealer, and a store manager collide at a hip-hop concert in the Inland Empire.

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Release: Jan 20, 2017

IMDb: 5.9

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Take the 10 full movie review - Yaaay Weeee

I like that this movie is honest. I identify and relate to it. I feel also, it's a nice thing to have this up and viewable, I don't tend to see films honestly representative of population and life as it is for some folks.

And so, ya it is super hella nice to just be refreshed with an honest movie with writing that someone wanted to write, and less crap about editing an art piece to some idea of pretense as though it ought be anything non-what it is.

I Love it, appreciated it, and enjoyed the experience watching it.

Mwah, also actors, I think y'all did an honest well done job in the project. I imagine also, ya had helpful direction ;) Liked the writing, which I also audibly said aloud while watching the movie. Just plain moved to utter. I think I like that it seems like someone's honest flow of writing, like looking into someone's cosmos or how they see, which is more why I am captivated by writing, if it is just honest to the experiencer of how they experience and create.

Viva liberation en media! xo

I created an account to contribute a review for this film. Not that I want to believe anyone ought to be swayed to think my think, yet that I want to share my think at this.

So, I says, "Hey, I likey a lot!"

Humanizing to the characters each as real humans each their own within a group cast. So, I appreciate that scope and lens the film takes. Humanization for the win! Often, I think films like to create bit characters and objectify their existences into props for satisfying some story line of one person's experience. Yet, life is actually more dynamic, etc. Each human an own Universe, which is pretty amazing to think about it. And I think this kind of lens and take on film is more humanizing, and can help that kind of conditioning or option of viewing humanity. More diffuse, as it is, comes, leaves, goes ... marvel-worthy at all that any of it even is existing

Later y'all

*****I chose editing some natural flow of words including redeeming expletives, in order to meet IMDb's regulations on posts. I was a bit frustrated because being honest in one's own expression as it is is thematic to the sentiment of the post and I wished I could have done that as it was that moment. Wah wah. As it is, I chose to take a chip in order to leave a review and a reach out to the project. Whooop!

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