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Meant to be a retreat for elite American athletes, Foxcatcher Farms, and all it was intended to represent, was lost in the paranoid downward spiral of its troubled benefactor John Du Pont. Heir to the Du Pont family fortune, John Du Pont funneled his considerable resources into his love of sports—wrestling in particular. Aiming to reinvigorate the US Olympic wrestling team, Du Pont created Foxcatcher, and invited gold medal champion Dave Schultz to lead the charge. What began as an idealistic sports idyll soon deteriorated into suspicion, distrust, and ultimately murder.


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Release: Apr 29, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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Team Foxcatcher full movie review - Better Than The Other Two Films...??

Last night I finished up what I believe is a Netflix original documentary. I thought I had seen this already, but turns out the doc I had already seen was the "30 for 30" installment, "Prince of Pennsylvania".

And of course, I had already seen the dramatization from a couple years ago, "Foxcatcher". This one focuses more on the relationship between wrestler, Dave Schultz, and billionaire eccentric, John du Pont, whereas it seemed the other two focused more on Dave's brother, Mark, who Channing Tatum played in the film. This is such a fascinating story of insanity, wealth, privilege, power- all out of control, and an innocent victim- Dave- who, by all accounts was an all-around incredible stand-up human being. The big surprise in this whole story, and maybe saving grace, is that for once all that money and privilege could not save Mr. du Pont, who ended up rotting in prison til his death a few years ago at a ripe old age. But definitely check this out when you get a chance- even if you've seen the other two films already. I think in many ways, this one is actually the most powerful of the three...

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